13 Replies to “Reflections Upon Exercise 3.2 – Series – Typology – When You Take Away My Voice”

  1. I was waiting for this. Wow!!! It is really an admirable job done. I enjoyed the thought process behind this project, that I was really looking forward to reading. Congratulations on creating a true masterpiece Richard – one that seems like a Herculean Task. I am sure it will find its way into a gallery soon – its a thought-provoking and intense work, one which will compel the viewer to immerse in and interpret on various levels. Indeed a remarkable display of patience, perseverance, creativity, and commitment. Hats off Richard. Each one of your work is inspiring – this one has just rushed its way to the top. Thank you for this.

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  2. Really well done Richard !
    What an incredible amount of work you have put into this but it’s so worth it . The finished piece looks fabulous and I can imagine how marvellous it would look printed large scale on a gallery wall .

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  3. What a great piece of work Richard! It was an excellent read to be able to understand your thought process and what has stimulated your creativity for this excellent subject. Ok it was a huge amount of work be really well worth it, I hope you also get it exhibited it certainly deserves a public showing. I look forward to your street signs and H&S signs project I have to say it is something that really irritates me as well! Well done again!

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  4. I am very interested in fonts and writing. I have used a font I saw on a wall on the Waterloo to Vauxhall line as part of a bookcover. But more interesting was a written message on a wall in a little town in old East Germany. It read ‘We can’t do anything without the peasants’.

    In English!! which has bothered me ever since. What did the locals make of it? Can you imagine if someone in Theale (pop 4000) wrote that up on a clean wall in German?

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    1. It would certainly cause an uproar in the press. I know very little about appropriate fonts to accompany photography. It’s a work in progress, although my tutor has made a couple of suggestions with regard to font, size and colour for photobooks.


  5. I like the way photosociology works , the philosophy behind the word and its vast variability , vibrancy and it’s great powerful expression to explain life’s various aspects. To me a photograph becomes more expressive when a caption is added to it. Your work is really wonderful. I myself am fond of photography and paintings .

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