Exercise 3.4 – Documenting Change

Brief:- Everything changes, weathers, grows or otherwise shows signs of transformation. Changes in the weather can create a drastic change in the appearance of a place. Cooking something changes it. People tend to look sprightly in the morning and worn out at night. Make a sequence of photographs that shows the same subject, from the same position, but in different states. You can choose any subject you like, but clearly identify it and note down the conditions of change you want to show. Produce at least three images in a sequence – a triptych – that shows the three states of the subject and communicates the change you’ve identified.

This is my first attempt at this exercise, but I have another conceptual piece that I aim to finish over the next two or three days.

Note down the conditions of change you want to show! ummm, no. My reason for this is that I didn’t want to show anything, I wanted to explore how different weather and shooting at different times during would impact the subject. It was an experiment. There are times that I can go out and shoot, and then re shoot at a later date, and times when this is not possible for me. There are times of day that I don’t go out. So for me to explore lighting and conditions was the goal. Having read this section before beggining any of the exercise meant that I took these photos over a longer period of time.


Now I must explain that I went back to sort of the same spot, many many times, but never quite knew where that spot was, and didnt record the focal length, so these are a bit higgledy piggledy (love that saying). The changes are lighting and the weather. The subject is meant to be the post and the weed/twig, and to explore how these have been affected. In the first photo I like the clarity of the weedy thing, and notice how the water has spread the strand apart and frozen them into place. The second photo has mid morning winter sunlight that defines the edge of the post, makes the ice clearer so that you can see the grass below, and adds colour to the twig. The thirs has diffused lighting, and with the exposure for the snow the post and weedy twig are almost silhouttes. I can only say yuch about the fourth photo. Its horrid. So why have I included it? Because it fits in with my aim of exploration. It was taken at 2.30 in the afternoon, one month ago. Without water, ice or snow, the grass hides the colour of the sticks and this suggests to me diffused lighting on an overcast day – but I didnt record what the weather was like.

The learning for me to take away from is to explore how light and weather affects a subject, but take a pad with me to record the position, time of day and lighting conditions.

Documenting Change

Documenting Change

Documenting Change

Documenting Change

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