Re-Worked Rope – Exercise 3.2 – Typology

Thank you so much for all of the helpful comments on my original. I have taken them on board, and I think the most important learning for me was in relation to the curtain tie back. I felt an attraction to that photo, I liked the neutral tones which emphasised the thread of the tie, and I also liked the contrast between the straight drape and the curve of the nylon/silk of the tie. However this series is about rope. Its so easy to choose a photo based on preference without realising that it doesnt fit with the theme.

I took on board the comment in relation to having the lobster pot in the middle, however with replacing the tie back I chose to use a second lobster pot, so have placed them on the left and right of the middle row, and the purple chord and rope in the middle. This means the tope row is predominantly beighe rope, the middle row is colour, and the bottom row includes rope and metal. The border is now smaller, as is the gap between the photos.


The brief asks us to record peoples comments, so here they are.

12 thoughts on “Rope – Exercise 3.2 – Typology”

  1. A really impressive set of photographs Richard. Worth the effort in assembling and post processing. The variety of rope is enormous and the range of colours surprising. The boat is different, but it does not disrupt. To my eye it causes pause for thought. On the other hand the far left shot in the middle row looks like a rope tie back on a curtain rather than rope on the shore. I think the size of the border is a matter of personal taste. I like your wide one. Your mid grey is bocming your signature perhaps? Lovely. Well done.

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  2. Really like the idea and also the variety of rope you have found.
    Just hope you were not trying to “string” us along – sorry could not resist a pun.
    Great piece of work non the less

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  3. Good set of pictures again Richard. I love the first crab/lobster pot one with the geometric pattern coming from just off centre, almost like a Spirograph. I think I might be tempted to put this in the centre? I agree with Sarah the 4th picture does oddly look like a curtain tie back. I think the 8th one also has some nice textures and colour. Well done and I look forward to seeing your final arrangement

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8 Replies to “Re-Worked Rope – Exercise 3.2 – Typology”

  1. Really like this rework Richard, lovely colours and textures, the inclusion of net, pots, and the boat gives the rope and chain a context for their application and I think that is why I felt the curtain tie didn’t work. Anyway well done.

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  2. The lobster pot photos are splendid because their delicate geometric repetition is a strong contrast to the almost chaotic tangles and knots of the other ropes. The colour balance in the grouping works well too with a cruciform of colour and four more monotonal images at the corners. Really like the group.

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