Reflections Upon My Rights And Responsibilities As A Photographer

  • My views shall never be viewed as imposing upon the freedom of expression of other photographers.

My Rights

  • I have the right to make and produce photography according to my personal ethics as long as:- I do not invade the privacy of others, understand and respect what constitutes public and private property, according to the law of the country that I am in, respect that minors and vulnerable people cannot or may not (vulnerable adults) be able to offer informed consent, is not defamatory, does not cause breach of the peace.

Responsibilities and reflections

  • To review the ethics of my photography on a regular basis
  • To understand that photography involves the photographed, the photographer and the viewer.
  • Photography is not a “one off” experience. It can be viewed over centuries. This means that the interpretation of a photo is not fixed and does not conform to the intended aims of the photographed and photographer.
  • To ensure that the photographed understand both the permanent of a photo and the transience of its meaning and hoped for impact.
  • To question as to how to best achieve the desired outcome for the photographed and myself.
  • To know that I am embedded into my own socio/economic/political beliefs. Genuine neutrality is never a given in any situation.
  • Editor’s and curators change the meaning and impact of photography to suit their own needs.
  • Organisations can use anyone’s photography as a means of propaganda, it’s a simple as an addition of text or juxtaposition with a conflicting photo.
  • Copyright is only a legal definition of ownership for commercial purposes.
  • Ownership of photography can never be a moral truth. With photographed, photographer and viewer all having a determination in the use of photography then there cannot be an owner.
  • Reading the opinions of photographers and photography critics is my most valuable tool for reinforcing or changing my understanding of photography and my motivations.
  • Being clear about my motives and ethics frees me up to enjoy making photography and to explore the potential benefits to others.
  • I make photography first and foremost for me, and that’s why reflection is important.


9 Replies to “Reflections Upon My Rights And Responsibilities As A Photographer”

  1. Lots of good points. The ones about how a photograph is seen will change over time and also how curators can change the meaning of a photograph to suit their own agenda are very important and something that I’ve come across recently in some books.
    I also think that our opinions of the photographs we take can change over the years and things that we might once have decided would never see the light of day, can be something that we decide have to be seen for one reason or another.

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