Joy – I’ve Spent The Day Photographing

It’s so good to have been out with my camera. I’ve been tied to my pc lately trying to develop a montage for exercise 3.4 documenting change. Instead of doing a tripict, which I’ve already done, I’m trying something different.

I’m trying to document change in relation to anorexia, but in a single image, my concept is good, my execution is poor. I will post it in a couple of days, but I’m very much aware that this is something I will need to re-shoot, and I’ll be seeking your guidance on how I can make this work.

Any how, today I’ve shot photos for four exercise, emulation, combing genres, Photography from text and a significant place. No need to tell you that my significant place is the wind farm at Redcar. I used the same stretch of beach for combing genres.

My emulation is going to be an emulation of John Sargeant emulating Francis Frith. Scarborough was the venue for that shoot.

It’s been a day of travel, I’m tired, but very very happy that I’ve been out with my camera.

There isn’t enough time in the day. I have personal photos from two trips to develop and I want to catch up with my coursework.

All good fun.

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      1. Frantically getting my work ready for assessment but nearly there! Iā€™m looking forward to going away in 2 weeks & hopefully will be able to spend some time doing photography for pleasure! By then my OCA coursework will be all packaged & sent ready for assessment in July šŸ˜Š. Then onto Level 3 .

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