Exercise 3.8 – Re Photographing – Portrait


Sometimes re-photographing a photograph or collection of images can help different elements in a composition to gel into the same visual ‘space’. Portrait Take a photo of a person’s face. Make a print about life-size and ask your model to affect their portrait – the print. The purpose here is to allow the sitter’s personality to affect their appearance. They can do anything to the print from drawing the classic spectacles and missing tooth to writing on it or cutting and tearing. When they’re done, ask the model to hold the print up to their face, possibly so that the features match, and make another photograph of the model. Of course this will depend on what they’ve done with the print. Print out this photo. It’s the second remove from ‘reality’ and it represents two distinct times and two experiences. In this way, the resulting photograph contains a creative process.


This isn’t entirely according to the brief. I do not have anyone to model for me at the moment, so I have used a portrait from earlier on in the course and done the best I can.

To be honest I am not happy at all. It’s not that I don’t like any of the photos, it’s that I feel that I have cheated myself, and completed the exercise for the sake of it.

However – what becomes apparent for me from this is this gents eyes and mouth, his smile. This is a good portrait, one that I am very pleased with. His eyes become more emphasised in this series because of how I have distorted them in the third photo, and his smile is stronger because of how I have altered his mouth in the second and third.

He looks so cheeky in photo 3, the Captain Spock ears, the elongated chin, he still looks obviously happy (I had to sing happy birthday to him in order to get him to smile).

The second photo looks like a lie at first glance. Referring back to Leisure – No time to wait till his mouth can, enrich that smile his eyes began. His eyes, you can see within him because of those amazing eyes, and that makes the words seem false. However, we don’t know the masks that an individual is wearing, we don’t know how somebody feels inside, people dont wear self-hatred as an outward manifestation, so we can never really tell.

So I can see  the benefit from having cheated in order to complete the exercise. Here are the individual photos.




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