Exercise 3.7 – Planning – Judaism – Christianity – Object Of Devotion

Having given some thought to the exercise I have decided that I am going to make use of two approaches.

My altar is highly personal, but at the same time it is calm, peaceful and a refuge, and as such I would like it to be photographed early on a sunny morning so that natural daylight provides an element of grace. Other people will also have significant objects of devotion and I am going to send out a group email, blog post, and a couple of personal emails to ask others if they would collaborate with me and send me a photo of their object within its environment, and taken with the same lighting and composition, as the brief asks.. This is my prefered option because it retains the individual and personal connection that I feel is important.

The second option is to use a photo that I have already taken of a church altar, and then to find a local synagogue and ask if I can make some photos there. Having never been to a synagogue and having no connection with Judaism then I know very little of their faith or objects of devotion.

The importance of Jewish faith and culture to me is that I believe that Jews, for at least the past 2,000 are the second most persecuted group of people in the world (women being the people who have been the most persecuted), and because I find that when I read about the holocaust I am left feeling utterly bereft.

3 Replies to “Exercise 3.7 – Planning – Judaism – Christianity – Object Of Devotion”

  1. It’s a very difficult situation. I believe the treatment of Palestinians is criminal and barbaric, and also that groups and nations threatening to destroy Israel is completely unacceptable and intolerable.

    I see that both sides feel they have been significantly harmed. Unless they both agree to hear each others grievances rather than shout about who has been harmed the most then this will remain an ongoing travesty.

    Western governments should be ashamed for failing to intervene in a manner that’s a serious drive for a solution.


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