Creating A Photo Archive – The Materiality Of Photography – Recent And Current Reading

Following on from reading Behind The Image: Research In Photography (Fox, A and Caruana, N; 2012), I have decided to start my own photographic archive. My current sources are newspapers and magazines, ebay for purchasing used photo’s (it’s bloody strange viewing a family’s wedding photo’s, but other than that it good) and printing some of my own photo’s. Gerhard Richter makes collages using text as well as photo’s and this idea has grown upon me, so I am also collecting snippets that I like. There are also themes and issues which are important to me, such as Palestine/Israel, gender and sexuality, mental health, women as role models (without comparing to men, just strong images and stories about women and their chosen roles). With these I am collecting stories not just headlines. This is a valuable part of me gaining a deeper understanding off societal issues, and a new perspective, as well as the research required to deepen my photographic understanding and practice.



Returning photography into a physical form creates a lasting document. I’ve purchased a cork board so that I can pin photo’s onto it, which means I can get used to viewing my own photography and gaining deeper understanding into how I work as a photographer. The time difference between taking photo’s and pinning them to the board also removes some of my emotional attachment to the work which I produce. Photographs that I used to like are sometimes less important, and I perceive them as being of a lower quality than I originally thought, and of course this works the other way around as well. There are a few photos that I really was not keen on when I developed them, that now stand out as being good images.


Fun, interesting, rewarding.

Reading List (Recent and Current)

The fiction and non-fiction which I read are just as important to me and my development as a thinker and photographer as the reading that I enjoy about photography.

Jesmyn Ward; Sing, Unburied, Sing (fiction) – Carol Anne Lee; The Hidden Life Of Otto Frank (biography) – Ian Black; Enemies And Neighbours: Arabs And Jews In Palestine And Israel, 1917 – 2017 (non-fiction) – Sophie Calle; Suite Venitienne (photography) –  Seth Joel; Photographing Still Life (photography) – Arthur Lubow; Diane Arbus: Portrait Of A Photographer (photography) – Archna Singh; The Immortals (photography)



Fox, A and Caruana, N; 2012; Behind The Image: Research In Photography; Lausanne; AVA Publishing SA

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