This Is Mzuiko

A very quick post to show how pleased that I am with my new Mzuiko 60mm f.28 macro. I am so impressed, completely overjoyed. Thank you Olympus, Thank you Mzuiko. I am impressed with the clarity, so much so that the crop of the fly has removed  three-quarters of the frame and is still clear, The depth of field is wonderful and far more intuitive than my previous macro set up, and of course using the OMD EM10 mk iii means that I have a lightweight camera for a lightweight lens. I am so stunned.






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24 Replies to “This Is Mzuiko”

  1. I am very tempted to upgrade my camera – am currently using my partner’s digital SLR, but it just doesn’t give me the right colour in some conditions. We’ve fiddled with the settings and can’t seem to find a solution. Would you recommend this camera for flower photography? I would love to be able to do these close-ups, but also mid-range and distance shots. Sorry for being cheeky and asking advice unsolicited!

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    1. I’ve found that the camera really suits me. The camera is an Olympus OMD EM10 MK iii, and I have a variety of lenses. The camera is lightweight, which I need because of a health problem. I find it easy to use.

      However, before you buy a new camera, the best piece of advice I can give is to find a local camera club or society and become a member there. Get to know people and ask advice there about how to shoot using manual settings. Or find a beginners camera course or workshop. There are some settings that you can learn to use on your camera that will help you to gain control over exposure and colour (white balance).

      Also take a look at Marcus is a wonderful photographer and he has a hints and tips section on his website.

      I am a student of photography with the open college of the arts – the course I’m studying is Foundations in Photography. It’s a distance learning course and its ideal for anyone who wants to improve their photography.

      Wishing you the best with your development as a photographer.


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