58 Replies to “Flowers – Macro”

    1. It goes back to your post 100 photos though. The camera and lens are great, but the key is I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of photos over the past year. I’ve kept a tiny proportion, but it’s helped me to understand making Photography (to a small degree), and to be so used to shooting in manual in many genres of Photography.


  1. I love your blog. Your photos fill me with awe and joy. I found you by way of What You Blog About. Your story is a little like mine, but I have not yet broken through my steel bars made of smoke. Thank you. I really look forward to your posts. ♥.

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    1. Thankyou so much. It’s nice to be able to have a response to someone else’s journey, it means right now we meet on that last, cliff top bench.

      It takes a while to find comfort with self and being “with myself”. Patience and kindness. What can you do to be kind to yourself today?

      My journey is far from over and there are aspects of my life that I want to develop in, it’s ok to be ok and still want to improve.

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      1. “What can you do to be kind to yourself today?” Great question. I met a new friend on KindSpring.org where daily acts of kindness are celebrated. She suggested we meet daily on WhatsApp to celebrate daily small acts of kindness to others and to ourselves. This has became a really important zen habit now. The journey from my own nemesis to best friend has a long one but worth it. Today for the first time in months I went out and took more sky photos. It’s good to meet you. ♥. Niki

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      2. You too Niki, and what a wonderful way to develop a new friendship. I’m glad you got out with your camera.

        My act of kindness today. I had intended to go out birdwatching today. But about a quarter of the way there I realised how tired I was and how wrong it would have been for me to be walking around all day. I got off the bus, got the next one back to my home town, and sat still on the cliffs and read.

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  2. Lovely photographs. As were the ones of bees. In each image three is so much to look at. Have you printed any? I feel they would make wonderful prints.

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    1. Hey, thanks for your comment.
      For these I used my mobile phone/cell phone. It’s a huawei P10. It makes use of an internal dual Leica lens f2.2. however the f2.2 is for the light. By combining both lenses together it moves to f0.95 for aperture bokeh.

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