A Question On Gender And Identity







26 Replies to “A Question On Gender And Identity”

  1. Richard these are really striking ! Presenting them as diptychs is a great idea too , I love the use of masks and long hair with trousers but short with the feminine clothing . It’s a very thought provoking piece of work , well done 👍.

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  2. Great set of images Richard. I love the contrasts between the masculine and feminine and the way that you’ve mixed things up.
    I also love the way you’ve mixed deportment as well.

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  3. I am so impressed with these sets of images, both technically and with the imagination and creativity with which you have put these portraits together. There is so much depth to read into the pairs of images and the overall theme. I wish I had a tenth of your imagination. Congratulations!

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    1. I really appreciate your comments, but hand on heart, I feel so uncomfortable with your wish about my imagination. One of the things I’m learning from the course is about how we all develop our own voice, style and manner, and none are better or more important than another

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  4. Great work Richard. Seen and commented earlier on Instagram . This is fun but complex, sensitive and deep too. Your work just gets better. Love it.

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    1. Thankyou Sarah. There’s room for improvement, but despite seeing that I’m also very pleased with what I’ve produced.

      One of the most interesting things for me right now is how we are all beginning to develop a style of our own, and building upon previous work.


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