A peer on Foundations in Photography has commented that eye’s come up as a theme for me throughout my photography. I have cropped a few photos which had eye’s within them develop a test series to see if eyes have the potential to become a future project. It’s certainly something to bear in mind. If at some point I decide to take this further I will make new photos in which eyes are the point of focus.

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    1. I saw your comment when I was on the pc, so I had a look for it. I found her portraits, particularly liked Richard O’Brian, but couldn’t find the horse eye.

      I think I’m going to take a few of my eyes as well.

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      1. I love her portraiture, link below to the image of the horse’s eye.



    1. That’s a fab post. Eyes are really important to me, but probably for a different reason. Having a traumatic childhood meant that observing eyes and learning to read them was about avoiding pain and seeking safety

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      1. Not for a long time Richard, I would really like to but feel that I have lost something that I am still searching for now with photography. I found painting when I was in my late teens a hugely cathartic experience, maybe that was to do with the angst of youth and perhaps now I am too content?

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  1. I love this experimentation. I have wanted to do this always but haven’t got around to it though I have some interesting close of different animal eyes. Its such a great project in itself. lovely Richard. Its a pity that am catching up on it so late.

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