Binge Eating Disorder

This is a photo about binge eating disorder, an eating disorder and serious mental illness. It is a socoology photo and is in the category of sociology photos.
(please click on the photo for a full size image) Binge eating disorder is an eating disorder and serious mental illness. It can have major psychological consequences and cause serious health complications. These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. If you think that you, or someone you care about may have an eating disorder then please seek help from your doctor. There are many eating disorder charities throughout the world. In the UK please see BEAT eating disorders for advice and support. Help is available and recovery is possible.

15 Replies to “Binge Eating Disorder”

  1. I’ve been thinking about my own eating habits…less than stellar! Thank you for your post. It has motivated me to pay attention to my own consumption. I’m somewhat of a mental health advocate myself so I deeply appreciate post like this one! Thank you!

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    1. It is. It’s not like any other addiction. People don’t need heroin, alcohol or cocaine, and they are hard enough to quit. But as we need food it’s very difficult. How are you coping at the moment?


      1. I’ve very up and down and my ups, sadly, seem to depend on what the scale says. I started CBT not so long ago but feel I’m failing massively. How are you doing?

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      2. I am sorry to hear that, but I do understand. My anorexia is poor right now, and I am close to being inpatient again. However my mood is really good. When my anorexia is bad (in other peoples eyes) my mood improves and my suicidal thoughts disappear, my paranoia goes and my anxiety is far less. So I am really good within myself. I really dont want to go to hospital again. Im 45 now and have had enough of being in and out of hospital.


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