Assignment Three Feedback

I spoke with my tutor, Jayne Taylor, on Friday afternoon, and she provided me with feedback the staged photo that I produced for assignment three. Once I get the formal written feedback I will add that to a separate post.

  • Good attention to the elements within the photo
  • Elements work well together
  • There are no elements there that don’t need to be there
  • Partial view of the bottle works well
  • Shadow from the bottle going to the D-day text is good, as is the pen above the advert going back into the picture
  • The coloured advert is strong as is the bankruptcy papers
  • The research is good


Jayne was really clear that she liked the work that I produced and that it was good enough as it is. We went on to discuss ways that I could have done things differently such as, using a slightly wider angle to include some of the bench, and also had a beer mat and possibly a betting slip. We also discussed the possibility of having made this route indoors using a tripod and lighting. To ensure that the lighting would be correct for this setup it would be worth exploring the lighting in several pubs and being aware of the white balance and temperature of that light. This could then be reproduced at home and would give more of a feel of being inside a pub. With regards to lighting Jayne suggested that I take a look at “The Blues” by Mitre Trabrizian to see how lighting changes both ambience and connotation wedding photography. It’s also advantageous to be aware of the lighting in film and TV production because this is more obvious in its nature and the fact

Moving Forwards

  • Research other photographers in relation to eating disorders
  • Read Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes, and also image music text
  • Continue reading Photography: A Critical Introduction by Liz Wells, treat each chapter as if it were a lecture, and make notes as you go along
  • Send contact sheets to Jayne via email


7 Replies to “Assignment Three Feedback”

  1. A well-deserved feedback Richard – I am just catching up on all that I missed and your assignment is really well done. Am trying to figure out how to comment as everything seems to have changed and I can’t find a comment section under it. So till I figure it out, just wanted to let you know how wonderfully you have composed your staged photograph.

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