Photos Of The Red Arrows And A Few Other Static Aircraft From The Farnborough Airshow

cofUSAF F15 Eagle

oznorUSAF Eagle engines with a combined total of 44,000 lbs of thrust

oznorThe Red Arrows Aerobatics Display Team

Always a crowd pleaser. Here there are a full compliment of 10 Red Arrows. The 10th is a reserve aircraft encase one of the 9 fails it’s pre flight test, there is also a reserve pilot. Currently the Red Arrows are only completing fly pasts rather than aerobatics following an accident that they had over the past couple of years, and the tragic Shoreham air disaster in 2015. A Hawker Hunter crashed into a road during its display, with the tragic loss of life of 11 people.


10 Replies to “Photos Of The Red Arrows And A Few Other Static Aircraft From The Farnborough Airshow”

  1. Awesome. I will also ask for references for nearby places to go while am there. At least any major exhibitions etc. that are on would be definitely on my list. I like that you are keeping yourself busy Richard. So much to look forward too. Yes, the bird pictures – now you can do a juxtaposition between the natural flying ones and the metallic birds that you are currently shooting. Fascinating!! 🙂

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      1. Will be staying with my sister at St. Giles Chalfont, Buckinghamshire. Anything that will be available in terms of exhibitions, sculptures, installations will be great, considering the fact that I am not there for a lot many days. But I will be willing to travel to London everyday which I think I will be doing anyway to visit Primark. hehehe!!

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  2. The Red Arrows are great. They do Yeovilton Air Day every year. Although we’re a good distance from the naval station the Red Arrows flight path for the display comes over our house so we get a close up view of them if we’re home.

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