Deferring University – Preperation For Part Four, Still Life – Prep For London

Having been unable to find appropriate accommodation in the locale of Farnham I have deferred university until next year. A lot can happen in a year, so I am open-minded. I’m going to keep looking for a home swap, but I’m also happy to finish Foundations in Photography and then make a decision as to whether to take the photography degree with the Open College of the Arts, which is distant learning, or go to the University for the Creative Arts. There are advantages to both, but with my mental health as it is, then taking the degree with OCA has become my preferred option. Distant learning suits me, I can study part-time, have less pressure with deadlines, and not have the stress of moving. These are all protective factors for my mental health.

cofIs this still life?

I am shortly going to begin part four of Foundations in Photography, which is a section based upon still life. With the new medication that I am on and how it is affecting my energy, I decided not to begin part four until I return from London. However, I have been exploring thoughts, and making photos for my digital sketch book, which I hope to upload before I travel. We’ll wait and see. My aim is to read part four in the FiP manual, so that I can make the most of being in a new, dynamic environment, and begin to make photos, or at least test photos for the coursework whilst I am away.

IMG_20180805_101352.jpgIs this still life?

London, here I come. I am very excited about visiting London. My initial plan was for it to be for a few days. But I haven’t been too London as an adult. Yeah I have passed through it, and been to two football matches there, but I have never explored. I have activities planned, a few people to meet and an OCA study visit/field trip.

cofIs this still life?

Lots of wonderful opportunities for photography in different environments and with several genres, as well as museum and gallery visits, West End shows, football match, and nature. Lots and lots of nature, animals, birds, flowers, macro. I have Lightroom on my laptop now, so I may upload some photos as I go along, although my lap top is incredibly slow compared to my PC with its huge RAM.

cofIs this still life?

Consequently I am not going to be able to keep up with everyone’s blogs anywhere near as much as I would like to, but normal service will be resumed upon my return.

24 Replies to “Deferring University – Preperation For Part Four, Still Life – Prep For London”

  1. I like how you’re making your health a priority. I regret studying full time. I think studying part-time would have been better in my situation, and I would have probably finished in the same time frame since I also took a year off from school. Enjoy your time in London!

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      1. I studied English Education to be a teacher. We read a lot from thick literature books. That’s why I think that taking less courses per semester would have probably helped me not feel so overwhelmed with the assigned readings and my part-time job.

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      2. The reading is a big challenge, especially as you are expected to read so many books at the same time for assignments. Well done on obtaining your degree despite the difficulties and challenges that you faced.

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  2. That looks to be an exciting and full visit for you Richard.
    I was wondering how you were feeling now about the UCA Degree and a year’s deferral seems a good idea for you at the moment.
    Enjoy London and have a great time.

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    1. I still feel positive about the UCA degree and there are advantages to that. They have photography industry guest lecturers, great placements within the industry and arts, a most amazing library, many students from all creative courses willing to be models, the opportunity to be trained to use equipment from all creative fields, equipment loan, film cameras and development coursework, and the chance to get used to being around people. So it would be an amazing opportunity if I can obtain appropriate accomodation.

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  3. I guess you just need to do what you feel comfortable with. I am sure you will be able to get accommodation sorted eventually, the Whitby area is so lovely I am certain there will be somebody who would like to live there from the south.

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  4. i’m glad you’re facing the challenges that come up when we pursue things with such a positive attitude. i’m also glad you’re continuing your studies. you have a gift for photography, and i appreciate you sharing it. props for recognizing where you have challenges and working to mitigate them. enjoy london.

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  5. I’m sure this is a good decision as you continue to focus on your health. I’m sure it was tinged with some disappointment, but you’ve proved your ability in getting accepted and a year is not a long time, with much to build on in the meantime. Enjoy your stay and adventures in London.


    1. Thankyou Chris. I honestly haven’t felt disappointed. I was aware housing may be difficult to find and also really happy with OCA. deferring means I can finish foundations and be better prepared for the degree with either UCA or OCA. Either way all is good

      12 hours and I’ll be on my way


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