Action Man Turns His Back On Richard

mdeI did turn my back on, but after a period of silence and reflection I have forgiven him.

He’s found his lenses, thank god. My distress was that he was thinking that I had stolen them to fund my cigarette habit, so I got more wound up as the day went on.

What happened was he repacked both rucksacks last night AFTER TAKING HIS MEDICATION (damn fool). To be fair he needed to. He had got way to much and hadn’t packed tidily. Should have listened to me, but doesn’t understand how soldiers have to live and travel in confined spaces.

The rule is that camera, laptop, lenses go in the small rucksack so it can be kept on his person and never put in the luggage hold. But with pills inside of him, once he had taken stuff out of the large rucksack (it was too heavy for me), he put the lenses in there. Of course he didn’t search it because the re is ….

17 Replies to “Action Man Turns His Back On Richard”

  1. Action man should be lucky your such a good friend, he is able to travel for free. I thought he would be a pretty easy going guy, but you never really know an action man until you travel with one:)

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      1. I used to record my leopard on a dictaphone as in te jungle it is such a hectic schedule, but am inspired by your action man so soon enough maybe your action man will have a leopard for companion and they go on to become the most followed blogger team 😀

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