Where’s Wally???

It’s been a mixed day for me, partly because of my hangover and partly because Richard only took two photos of me.


To be honest I slept through this morning. Richard met his friend Sarah from Foundations in Photography, and they went to the Barbican to see an exhibition:- Dorothea Lange – Politics of Seeing. I slept in his rucksack. However, Richard and Sarah had a wonderful time, and not only did he enjoy Sarah’s company, he felt he learned a lot from how she viewed some of the images. Think he will blog about it, but I can’t say when though.

It was mid-afternoon when they left the gallery, and Richard and I went for a walk and saw the famous Boris Bike’s. I used to like the guy, now I know he’s a Wally. Couldn’t spot him though.


This morning on the way to the Barbican Richard messed up a bit. He wanted to go to Spitalfields Market. He had no idea about there being an old and new market. He got off the bus at the New Spitalfields Market which is in the middle of nowhere. He had a quick look around before getting an Uber to the Barbican. What a fruit loop.


We took a walk to the Old Spitalfields Market via Liverpool Street (first photo of me at the top of the page) this afternoon. Modernisation can be a bit of a let down at times, and sadly this was one of those. Although he did make one average photo. Maybe earlier in the day would have been more lively?


After the disappointment we took a walk down Brick Lane, and oh my god what a bright, vibrant, colourful, energetic and multicultural place. Love love love Brick Lane. This is the Britain I love. Britain is made up of people at the end of the day, and Brick Lane is people, people, people. Unfortunately Richard didn’t take any photos there, he was flagging a bit by then, so we stopped at Starbucks, (I’ve stuck to the water today) and then got the tube back. I’m having a rest now.


Richard and I are both loving London. Let’s see how he feels in three weeks time. I’m aware he can be impulsive, and he’s already having thoughts about moving here. I’ll get him to pause and chat things through with N and K, he listens to them. They can help him think things through and make a decision, either way, with consideration, time and reflection, rather than acting upon impulse

Off to sleep now. Good night.

12 Replies to “Where’s Wally???”

  1. Sarah was so pleased to meet you and very briefly at the Barbican when you were woken from your slumbers in the rucksack for an introduction. I understand your reluctance to have a photograph taken with me. I had spilt coffee on my pink jumper and you were just a teeny weeny bit hungover.
    Richard and I did indeed have a wonderful time and I learnt a very great deal from him. We were not allowed to take any photographs but were able to take notes. Blogs must surely follow, in my case on my new Learning Log for EYV once it is up and running.
    It was a busy day and I hope you and Richard have some R&R belt into your heavy schedule.
    Sleep well ….zzzzzz

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  2. Whoops …. typos in the last comment. Also forgot to mention how much I too enjoyed meeting Richard. Having been communicating via blogs for so long it felt just like meeting a long standing friend.

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  3. London is always a place I wanted to go *sigh* but as much as I love big cities I don’t think I would want to live in one anymore (I’m from New York City but live elsewhere now). I’ve moved a lot and not always because I wanted to so – yeah, think, make sure Richard thinks it through and does his research first…

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    1. Moving isn’t easy, especially when you have to do it. He grew up in a village with a population of 150, and although he enjoys isolation, the chaos and anonymity of a city are appealing to him. And I’ll ensure he talks with N and K

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