A Successful Day Does Not Have To Feel Good! Thankyou.

Yesterday was a day won. That I won. That we won. Yesterday I succeeded.

Yesterday I felt physically unwell and in distress, and was challenging mentally and emotionally. I went to bed drained and had nightmares that involved me being force fed, binging and people being intensely violent towards me. But yesterday was very much a successful day for me.

Despite my panic around calories and feeling the need to restrict my calories further, along with an obsession about binging, I did neither.

I stuck to the foods and calories that my eating disorder team and I have agreed. This is an achievement considering how I felt.

I was nurtured by my friend P and cousin L, and supported by you, my friends and fellow bloggers. I thankyou all so so much. I can’t express how much being nurtured and supported helped.

This old saying rings true:-

I alone can do it, but I cannot do it alone.

I can make no promises about today. I’ve woken up with the desires to binge and starve, and yet I feel much calmer and more positive, and I feel very grateful that yesterday was a successful day.

25 Replies to “A Successful Day Does Not Have To Feel Good! Thankyou.”

    1. Thankyou Catherine. Yesterday was a much better day emotionally, which helps. My support network would be stronger if I made more use of it, but in saying that I struggle to meet with people. My online support is just as valued as those whom I do meet with.


  1. That’s so awesome! I’m so proud of you! I had a terrible night last night with anxiety. I thought if I went to sleep I would die of a heart attack. It was a nightmare and one of the hardest battles I have had in a while. My husband had to work night shift which made it worse. It started after I dozed off then woke up in a full blown panic attack he talked to me on the phone and prayed me through it until I fell asleep. Living in my brain is so exhausting sometimes. I’m SO THANKFUL you made it through and I did too!! Blessings, strength and PEACE to you today!! ❤️🙏

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  2. I should think have supportive people so close is hugely helpful. and being so self-aware can only help, yes? The one day at a time thing is something to stick to – you have your eating plan, you have your support team and you have today! Be kind to yourself.

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  3. Hi Richard, Friday evening now and apologies for being so late in responding. Organ Donation Week and a few other non photography challenges have kept me busy! I do so hope today has been as positive as yesterday, and if not, tomorrow is another new start and new opportunity. x

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