An Enjoyable Day – Catching Up, And Eating Disorder Support Group – Plants

Its rare that I drink alcohol but I have done today. Ive had YouTube on, listening to techno and trance through my headphones, and have caught up with a few things.

Earlier in the year I made a montage out of around 500 photoso of grafitti and street art. I wanted to make a photo video out of the photos, but never got around to it. I will publish as soon as I have permission from the group whose music I have used. They had previously given me permission to use one track, but as Ive used three I have emailed them for permission to use the additional tracks. Fingers crossed.

A few OCA students are involved in group collaboration in which we make a project, based upon an agreed theme each month. We use photography, Music, written and spoken word. Ive caught up and added a response to other members contributions.

I have also attended to online 12 step eating disorder meetings over the past two days. I cant tell you that I want to recover, but its certainly given me hope seeing people who are in recovery and enjoying life without food interfering with the quality of their lives. It’s nice to have some hope. Ill just keep attending the meetings and let nature take its course. There’s a mens meeting shortly, so I’m going to pop into that.

Today has been enjoyable and I’m pleased that I have achieved so much. It’s nice to have caught up with some things.

When my wife and I split up (many years ago) she managed to kill my weeping fig. It wasn’t deliberate, just a bit neglectful. She also managed to kill her pear tree at the same time. I have wanted one since then, but haven’t put too much effort into it. Fortunately I found one in Sainsbury’s a few ago. I then decided to buy a fruit bearing fig tree, and also couldnt resist the orange/kumquat hybrid. As I dont have a garden I will be growing the fig tree indoors. So I have bought a grow tent, and led UV lighting system. I dont intend to keep them in their for ever, 3 months for the weeping fig, and 6 months for the fruit bearing one. Just to give them a boost, and strengthen them before spring when they can return to their natural growth cycle. Its wonderful to have plants around the home again.

Michelle recently rooted a pineapple and she has inspired me to try the same with orange, lemon, cherry and also pineapple. I’m a little impatient. No roots after three days and I’m worried that they wont root. Patience Richard.

Anyhow, wishing you a happy weekend. Take care and have fun.


20 Replies to “An Enjoyable Day – Catching Up, And Eating Disorder Support Group – Plants”

  1. Love this post, Richard. I loved hearing about your trees and seeing how you’ve set them up. Those orange/kumquats look delicious! Also pleased to hear you are feeling some sense of hope and attending your groups. Thinking of you and hoping your weekend is wonderful.

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      1. In the garden we have an Apple tree, and a Cherry tree, which both need partners. Garlic, Mint, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Peppers, & Strawberries. Don’t think I’ve left anything out, do you have anything else?

        For me gardening is very therapeutic.

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