My Eating Disorder Today – New Plan/Old Plan

My physical health, emotions and eating have been chaotic since my health deteriorated in London. I had to return home early from London, my health got worse and had a couple of days where I couldn’t walk, binged for 8 days and ended up in A and E because of concerns about re-feeding syndrome, and then three days of not eating.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

I’ve reached out to a peer support eating disorder recovery group, and logged in online every day. Seeing people who are in recovery has given me so much hope. Change is very scary but hope and goals help.


  • Stay out of hospital
  • Keep enjoying photography
  • Complete my studies
  • Travel to India next April

These are all very important to me, and if I don’t change then none of them will be achievable, so these remain my focus.

When I was in an inpatient eating disorders unit a couple of years ago they had a meal plan of three meals a day and three snacks a day. It worked for me while I was in there, and for a few months afterwards.

My psychiatrist and I have decided it’s time to put this in place again now. It maintains blood sugar, because I know what I’m eating and when it makes it easier to avoid either binging or restricting. Binging is really common when food is increased after long periods of restricting. The brain sends out all kinds of chemicals to try to restore nutrition, so knowing where the next meal is coming from helps psychologically to avoid binging.

We’ve also increased my calories by 25%. It’s scary, a big leap, but I’m still way under what I need to maintain weight or build nutrition. If I want to stay out of hospital then I need this increase, and the next, and the next.

This is all so easy to say, and so scary put into practice. Today I’m going to follow the plan. I don’t know if I will tomorrow or the next day, because all any of us can live in is today. If I succeed today, then I have a better chance tomorrow.

I have developed some close and supportive friendship with my fellow OCA students, and other WordPress bloggers. I really appreciate your kindness and support. Thankyou.


24 Replies to “My Eating Disorder Today – New Plan/Old Plan”

  1. Not for nuthin’ babe but that is a sensible eating plan for everyone! Lots of small meals keeps you on keel – I was getting worried when I didn’t see a post from you for a few days. But – you got your plan, your support, one day at a time – we’re all here for ya.

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  2. eating can be a hard and terrifying thing, especially after long periods of severe restriction. please keep sharing and reaching out. i know you can do this. you have some great goals and a good plan. good for you for continuing to fight.

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  3. Richard,

    It’s a tough hand you have been dealt. I believe that your resilience and commitment to getting well will see you do through. It might be difficult to see yourself, but there is a great deal of positivity coming out of your struggles. I wish you every success, and believe you will get to a better place.

    Regards David


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  4. It’s always good to have plans and something positive to look forward to Richard. With these goals in mind I hope they help you find the courage to slowly begin your journey back to better health. It must be an extremely scary time for you, but you show great resilience and that is something I greatly admire. Judy x

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