Making My Kitchen More Condusive To Having A Healthy Relationship With Food

As well as getting rid of the foods I had hoarded, I have been cleaning my kitchen. On Tuesday I cleaned my cooker.


Then yesterday I cleared out and cleaned the fridge and freezer. I hadn’t done so for over a year.


Today I have cleared and cleaned the surfaces, draws and all crockery and utensils. Everything now has a place.


Tomorrow I will be cleaning the floor and hoovering the rest of the house. Despite living in it, I cannot believe what a shit tip I had left the kitchen in.

I have a very poor relationship with food, and I know that in order to recover my eating will change over the next few months. That’s going to be a whole lot easier to reinforce if my kitchen promotes a positive attitude towards food. I’m also going to wash my cup and plates up each time that I use them.

17 Replies to “Making My Kitchen More Condusive To Having A Healthy Relationship With Food”

  1. It looks wonderful Richard. Cleaning the cooker and fridge I hate. I am sure you are right about the sparkly environment improving your relationship with food. You inspire me to do better!

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  2. I love the feeling of having a good clean. I try to think of it as a way of taking care of myself. I hate getting started, and I hate the feeling of shame when you realise how grotty you let it get, but you are then being proactive. For boring, repetitive jobs, like washing up and putting away, I try to focus on the good things about each item: a bit of mundane gratefulness!

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