Early Recovery Exhaustion – Following Your Blogs

Feeling exhausted is not something that I expected and it’s a big surprise to me. Perhaps this is because my body is beginning to heal.

The routine of the meal plan has become more comfortable, although I do forget sometimes. I’ve remembered eventually, so it just means I run late. Im used to only eating once per day, so I’m not surprised that I occasionally forget.

The 3 meals and three snacks are mostly what I’m used to eating, but I am managing to introduce some new foods. Interestingly, I’m aware that I need and want to eat more food. My food intake has increased significantly but it isn’t enough to sustain me. I have no idea how to do this in a manner that I can cope without triggering my anorexic response. My therapist and I can discuss this and make adjustments when we next talk. It’s a more complicated process than just eating more. Be told by well-wishers really doesn’t help. Despite their genuine and sincere hope for my wellbeing it makes things harder for me.

My energy levels are very low and I’ve had no motivation to do anything productive. I’ve spent my time with my headphones on, listening to music full blast, and doing some intensely detailed pixel editing in photoshop. It has achieved anything photographically, but it’s stopped me from thinking those negative anorexic thoughts that don’t want me to recover.

My energy has been so low that it’s beit’s been too much effort to read your blog posts. You have become an important community for me, I love being in touch and sharing our lives and I look forward to being able to catch up when I am able.

I wish you all peace, love and joy. See you soon.


22 Replies to “Early Recovery Exhaustion – Following Your Blogs”

  1. I’m glad you are able to eat more now. I watched a movie the other day called To the Bone and it was very insightful. I don’t struggle with Anorexia but it seems like a very difficult journey. I’m sorry that you are going through so much dealing with this disorder. My struggles are different than yours but they are all struggles. I finally have a job again but my Bipolar goes off under severe stress. Work has been awesome for a straight month and today I almost blew it. If i didn’t have my husband to vent to it would’ve been bad. Stressful days are 100x worse living with Bipolar and depression. I’ve never been able to hold a job I’m trying so hard to deal with my stress differently with this job. People are so skeptical about mental disorders but they have no idea what we go through. I wish you well and hope you continue to do well in your recovery. 🙏😊

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    1. That’s so true Sharon. I think bi-polar is misunderstood, and is very hard to live and function with. Congratulations on finding new work, having had an awesome month and for off loading. I bet it wasn’t easy to do that. I’d love to hear what you’re trying out to manage stress differently.


  2. Take it slowly & take care of yourself, that’s the most important thing at the moment. No wonder you are exhausted, your body needs to rest & recuperate. There will be plenty of time (once you feel able) to catch up on your studies & other people’s blogs, don’t spend time worrying about that @ the moment. Best wishes Judy x

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