Review – Jamie Rawlings

Jamie embroiders over the top of appropriated images and cigarette cards. He is a visual artist and is inspired by nature and rainbows (Rawlings; 2018)

Rawlings uses bright colour and a variety of patterns. He doesn’t make use of the variety of stitches that Puentes does, but his patterns can be very intricate.

rs=w_600,h_600Fig. 1. Sable Antelope (2018)

Cigarette cards are small, which adds to the admiration that I have for his creative expression. I struggle sewing onto a large photo, and found that the stitches often tore the paper. I could be wrong, but I believe that Rawlings makes use of a hole punch. If I decide to emulate Laura Letinsky, it would make sense to combine this emulation with that of Rawlings. The simple lines would be effective.

I recommend viewing Rawlings’ Wold Animal cigarette cards. I feel that the embroidery is complimentary, despite the bright coloured threads. You can view his art on Instagram here. 


Rawlings, J; 2018; Sable Antelope [Cigarette Card and thread]; AT: (accessed on 21/12/2018)


Rawlings, J; 2018; About Me; Online: AT: (accessed on 21/12/2018)

10 Replies to “Review – Jamie Rawlings”

  1. Really striking art. I should think it’s relaxing as well – like knitting. What do you think the embroidery adds to the photograph? Reason I’m asking is because I know we’re expecting to provide a rationale for a concept.

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    1. It depends on which theme I go down. If I follow the Laura Letinsky look, then it’s aesthetics. If I explore emotional expression in portraits then I will be using colours to enhance the expressed emotions. With my last assignment, I embroidered over my face, and the stitching and colours were used to represent secrecy and shame.

      There is also an aspect of experimentation. With the awareness that I will go onto to take a degree in Photography, then I want to increase my range of technical skills, so that I have them as options for enhancing my creativity.

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