Assignment 5 – Why Embroider Over Photographs?

Coming to the end of Foundations In Photography with the Open College of the Arts, I find myself in a position in which I want to prepare myself to study for a BA in Photography. Assignment 4 can definitely be the basis for a further body of work, probably by using masks or embroidering on top of photographs to represent aspects of self, especially those hidden repressed aspects. Sewing over the top of my own face was successful, if painful for me to view.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Staged photography and still life, and found a means of being authentic with these genres.

I’m very keen to explore these themes further, and I believe that sewing on a photograph provides an additional means to enhance or hide emotion and mood. It also means that I can distort my images and create harmonious fine art photography or to create visual and emotional discord and discomfort.

I’m going to use assignment 5 as a stepping stone to develop a secondary skill, and so that I can use photos as the basis of mixed media art.

14 Replies to “Assignment 5 – Why Embroider Over Photographs?”

  1. Good luck Richard, but most of all enjoy the chance to explore, experiment & create. So glad you are going to continue with your photography studies, have you made a decision to stay with the OCA or are you considering full- time Uni ?

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    1. I haven’t decided as yet. It’s more likely that I will study with OCA. I like this style of study. I’m hoping to get some threads on friday/Saturday, and a needlework book. I’ve a couple of people to ask questions, and I contacted the person who you follow as well. Therese Livonne has also given me some advice on sewing neatly on photos.

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      1. Sewing is something I can’t offer advice on —- I’m useless at it despite having a mum who was really clever with a needle & thread ! The OCA is definitely the most flexible way to study I think x

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    1. I’m after authenticity and mood. I can’t make photography for the sake of it. It has to be meaningful. This won’t be “disturbing”, well, not in my mind. I won’t be exploring self harm with this assignment if that’s what you’re referring too.!!

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      1. There are many ways to express our internal world. Some do it through writing. Others through music or art. You do it through photography. Those experiencing it as observers perceive and experience it from their own lived experiences which may differ from the intent of the creator. That is why it is so individually powerful and at times surprising. Creative therapy is a fantastic way to explore, heal and express the internal world. Your work is authentic, it is you, it is meaningful.

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  2. Good luck with this, I love seeing how far you’ve pushed FiP. Carolle Benitah has made some interesting work embroidering over family portraits. There’s Julie Cockburn too of course, and her work embroidering over found images. I’ve done some embroidering over images of climbing walls – it sends the perspective wonky. Will see if I can find a link for you.

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    1. Kate, may I ask if you would send me a copy of that photo of yours and maybe a couple more if you have them. I’d like to review a couple of them as part of my research. You’ve created a person stretching in a climb with your embroidery, which draws me into the activity. I like. If you are willing then my email is Thanks.


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