Anorexia Recovery – Christmas – New Foods – What Is Hunger

Right now I’m very pleased with the progress that I’m making. Food is certainly something that I’m enjoying. The obsessive thoughts that I had around food have decreased considerably, but they are certainly intense when my emotions are strong.

The most difficult time over the Christmas period was when shopping the day after I arrived in Cork. I had a shopping list for breakfasts, lunch and snacks, but I found being in a new shop, in a new town and being around so much food was challenging.

hdrplProfiterole, cheesecake and Ben and Jerry.

I heavily over-ate one night whilst I was in Cork, and I had a couple of nights where I had a few chocolates. So what! It’s no big deal, and I didn’t go into guilt and shame.

I had several foods I hadn’t eaten for a long time, which included Chinese and Asian street food, ham, tomato and salad sandwiches, a full English and Christmas Dinner.

IMG_20181223_222144.jpgSingapore special chow mein.

I cooked Christmas Dinner. I love cooking and I was very satisfied with my cooking. Roast lamb, roast beef, sprouts cooked with bacon and pear, honey glazed parsnips, glazed buttered carrots, fluffy roast potatoes and breaded mushroom for starter. I’m very impressed with the progress that I am making.

IMG_20181225_152729.jpgI cooked this Christmas Roast. 

It also feels like my weight has stabilised. I don’t weigh myself, but I don’t think I’m putting on anymore either – which is a relief.

I’m going on holiday to India next year, so I need to be flexible with my eating, and I want to learn to eat according to hunger and fullness. I experience hunger so infrequently. I didn’t feel it at all when I wasn’t eating, so anytime when I feel slightly hungry or slightly full is a time of excitement for me. I’m focusing intently on my stomach and tummy before, during and after eating. I’ve now had two very subtle feelings of fullness. I can’t believe how excited I feel at feeling hungry or full. Life is bizarre.

IMG_20181223_180751.jpgI can’t believe how wonderful a ham sandwich tastes.

Things are going well. I still get some intense thoughts about eating or restricting, and shopping disturbed me so much that it triggered my neuro-muscular condition, but overall my recovery is going well.

22 Replies to “Anorexia Recovery – Christmas – New Foods – What Is Hunger”

  1. This is so good to hear. I love the idea of being excited by hunger or full signals. You are right: they are a gift to be celebrated. I too have overindulged this Christmas, and it was nice this evening to feel hunger.
    It is so good to hear you not stress about a normal event, eating more than is necessary. This is what normal eating looks like!
    That chow mien looks delicious.

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    1. It was wonderful. It was probably the best thing I had at Christmas. What you’ve just said is exactly what my nutritionist said. “This is what normal eating looks like”.

      I’m glad my body is starting to wake up.


  2. Come and cook for me! I hate grocery stores and grocery shopping and sometimes I hate food but that’s just because it bores me and I hate that I have to eat…and yet. Given half a chance I will devour an entire large pizza by myself and not give it a second thought!

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  3. I’m so glad to hear you are able to enjoy food!! Just remember we all participate in overeating sometimes. I know I do! Wishing you continued balance, acceptance, love, recovery and happy eating! ❤️

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