Stitch Sampler

OK, so this is not the greatest idea of a sampler, but it’s been good practice to try out different stitch samples for my fifth assignment. The majority of the artists who stitch over photography tend to use a long stitch, rather than different styles of stitching. And hey, their work is fantastic, so maybe the idea is to keep it simple. However, I like chain stitch and diagonal tent stitch – and I can see how they can be used, and perhaps cross stitch would be good over eyes.


  • Blue – herringbone stitch
  • Yellow – running stitch
  • Orange – Cross stitch
  • Pink – Back stitch
  • Red – Tent stitch
  • Green – Diagonal tent stitch
  • Brown – Chain stitch

10 Replies to “Stitch Sampler”

    1. I think certain stitches will work well with certain emotions and different aspects of each photo. The hard thing is that to use complex stitches without tearing the photo is going to be challenging. And that’s why most people just use a simple stitch that goes from point a to point be. Which means that colour and shape are the only means of expression. That’s not going to be enough for me. So, I’m going to have to try a bit of trial and error.


      1. That’s what I’m aiming for. I’ll be making my own portrait with 6 different emotional expressions relating to my eating disorder. Justaposing them with 6 different photos from ill form and void full. Having both on a surface in which I’m going to have, say for example, a piece of fruit that matches that from letinskys art. The photos will then be squashed, twisted, torn or altered. I’ll then photograph the still life I’ve made and then stitch onto the final photo.


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