Assignment Five – Refining My Idea

I’ll be making my own portrait with 6 different emotional expressions relating to my eating disorder. Justaposing them with 6 different photos from Ill Form and Void Full (Laura Letinsky).

Both photos will be placed side by side on a white surface, with a white backdrop. The surface will become a space in which I will place a piece of fruit, or other food which will match that from Letinsky’s art. The photos will then be squashed, twisted, torn or altered in some way. I’ll then photograph the still life I’ve made and then stitch onto the final photo.


The stitching will be done in a manner that uses shape and colour to emphasise the emotional expression.


8 Replies to “Assignment Five – Refining My Idea”

  1. Hi Richard. I am truly fascinated by your idea for Assignment V and I can’t tell you how much I look forward to it. This sounds super exciting and am confident that there will be tremendous learning for you while you attempt to experiment with this. Also, a huge congratulations for having received the permission from Laura Letinsky for using her images.Am sure you will do something spectacular. Best wishes Richard.

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  2. Your blog has made me realize there is no shame in eating disorders. For years I thought “no, I do not have an eating disorder” The truth is, I, like many people, do indeed have a disorder. And there’s no shame in it. Denying it is what is worse. I think addressing it artistically is also a great way to go. Wishing you all the best as always!

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