Moving Home – Which Degree?

I’m excited, I’m focused, and occasionally a little anxious.

Although I don’t have a moving date as yet, it’s likely that I will be moving at the end of the month. I’m excited that I want to begin having contact with people, especially my peers and others in the creative community. Opportunity beckons.

It’s also getting close to a cut off point for deciding which course to study. Do I continue studying with the Open College of the Arts, or with the University for the Creative Arts. I’m very suited to distance learning, and I know that studying with the OCA provides me with as much opportunity as I wish to develop creatively, and flexibly. I’ve pulled off a coup by connecting with Laura Letinsky, and this tells me that I can create my own opportunities by studying this way. I value the tutors and the course material.

Studying with the UCA will give me access to a dark room, a vast library and work placements, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with other students in other fields. But… I’m getting these opportunities with OCA students, and as an undergraduate I can access any university library.

When I put it in black and white like this I can see that I have a preference. Next week I will speak with student services at the Open College of the Arts, and then meditate before making a decision.



29 Replies to “Moving Home – Which Degree?”

  1. Wow, Richard. The image looks and shows your excitement. I wish you all the best. I hear what you are saying. I know I am so used to working at my own pace and own time, I can understand why the decision becomes so difficult. I wait in anticipation. My decision in the degree course stays on hold as the OCA office wants me to prove that I can speak and understand English by taking the IELTS exam. I am quite miffed as it is so stupid. I was allowed to do FiP without that. I am traveling so much in the next few days that its impossible to take it anytime soon. Anyhow, happy moving Richard. I wish I can do the opposite and move away from people soon. 🙂 Let me know what you decide. Good luck Richard.

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  2. I hope the move goes well Richard and look forward to meeting up. I am sure you will choose the right degree route. Would there be opportunities to go to the UCA for short courses like using the darkroom equipment if you choose.the OCA?


  3. What a great start to 2019 for you. I’m so pleased that the house move is looking positive. It’s a big change but it opens up new doors. Good luck with thinking through the degree courses. It’s important you find what works for you. Good luck.

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  4. I love that little bird! Keep in mind that moving can be one of the most stressful changes in a person’s life and it is easy to get sidetracked from your normal day to day – keep your support network close and in the loop.

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