The Pain Of Making Self Portraits

Firstly – I know have a working title for my assignment… “The Emotional States Of Anorexia”. The emotions that I’m photographing all relate to different emotions that I have experienced that relate to my anorexia.

Defiance (fuck you! I won’t eat and you can’t make me)

Pride (Yes – another target weight hit)

Rage (I fucking hate my self)

Joy (I can wear those new skinny jeans now I’ve hit that weight)

Fear (I’m so fucking scared of eating, l will have to kill myself if I do)

Grief (I hurt so much I can’t cope anymore)

Now I know that you know that I hate my photo being taken. I hate seeing photos of myself. It’s taken me sometime to build up the willingness to photograph myself. Tomorrow and Thursday I have the pain of seeing my face when I develop them. Fuck sake. Why am I doing this. I could have used someone else as the model.

Thing is I can’t. I know that these emotions are extreme and trying to work with a model and talking them into these states is gonna be challenging and time-consuming. I know these emotions and the thoughts that go with them. They’ve been a second skin that I’ve lived in. Consequently it’s taken me an hour to make these photos.

I’ve not liked doing it at all, but, I’ve got the photos that I need. I’ve captured the emotions. Am I putting them up on here? Not bloody likely. Once I’ve embroidered over them then I will publish them, but they, of themselves, are not the final piece of work. They are just part of a still life audio, visual installation that will be juxtaposed with the Laura Letinsky photography.

If I put my displeasure about the photos of myself to the side, I feel excited. This is coming together. My creative vision is clear, I can see the outcome.

Will I exhibit the six pieces I am creating? Damn right if I can get the right curator and the right space. It’s weird how I can feel so confident of that when I can’t stand seeing my photo. Perhaps it’s because my portrait is just a part of a larger piece of work, that my face will be sewn over? Perhaps it’s just a dichotomy of the human experience.

20 Replies to “The Pain Of Making Self Portraits”

  1. i think you are so very brave for taking this step and confronting your anorexia head on. Just hearing about taking shot of yourself made me anxious – avoiding ourselves is a feature of the disease, I think. So you are brave and fierce for taking this step and I hope you will show them to us at some point. blessings.

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    1. Thankyou Michelle. It’s been a process over many months of experimenting with self portraits. Twisted reflections with the camera hiding my face, my shadow, portraits that I’ve drawn over to hide myself, and now – actual proper photos. I’ve sent them to the printers now.

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  2. Such an honest and obviously painful account of your daily life struggles. It’s such a brave thing to document your journey, and I hope that this helps with your personal processing, and recognition in order for your recovery. Thank you for sharing… this may help someone else. All the best wishes photosociology

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  3. I love reading you, Richard. Every single one of those emotions and responses I can relate to but from the standpoint of obesity. I know our journeys are different, but you so often inspire me. I’ve been trying to write a bit about my journey and it’s terrifying! I’m so grateful for you for your openness. It’s a real gift to read you.
    Wow I can’t wait to see your finished work. *hugs* ♥. Niki

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