My Anorexia Recovery And Self Care

My recovery has developed very quickly since August. Initially I was on a weight gain regime, then onto maintenance, and now I’m learning some flexibility.

My nutritionist agreed that I could try a new food this week. We didn’t specify what that should be, but that I could choose it on the day.


Yesterday I ate at East Street in Rathborne Place, just off of Oxford Street in London. East Street has a menu of many Asian foods. I chose a hot and spicy Thai chicken dish with Jasmine rice. Now that’s the kind of food I want to eat more off. It was delicious. The service was quick, friendly and accommodating (I changed tables because I felt a draft where I initially sat), the food was tasty, and the restaurant was stylish.

I needed some new clothes, and purchased a fab pink jumper and matching pink shirt, pink really suits me, but my real self-care was buying a bath bomb and soap from Lush.


This was a reward for me having the courage to follow my heart and move to London. The photo of the bath bomb isn’t good, but the bath was. I smell like a fizzy lemon. Truly lush.

It was cold and wet in London yesterday. Not my favourite conditions to be outside in, but there’s always a photographic opportunity if we seek it out.



38 Replies to “My Anorexia Recovery And Self Care”

  1. I am so pleased to hear this, Richard. I am spending time with someone who is at a very early stage in eating disorder management, and it struck me how far you have come, because your outlook is so very different. I know you can’t rush the process; everyone has to find their own path through the nightmare. I think your insights will give hope to many. It is heartwarming that you are learning how to show yourself love.

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    1. Thankyou Ali. We can only go at our own pace, and especially so when recovering in the community rather than a treatment disorders treatment centre. My mindset was very distorted for years, and I suspect it was very similar to the mindset of the person you are supporting. Are you/is the person you are supporting recieving support and guidance?


  2. Anna and I were in London yesterday, around Bond Street! Of course we went for brunch 😁 I love Asian food too! I think I may have to drag Anna along to Oxford Street next time as this sounds lovely.
    Congrats on the hard work you have put into your recovery – it sounds like you are doing really well. I always enjoy looking at your pictures! They are beautiful! Sam x

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