Limited Photo Opportunity In Hospital

Sorry for the lack of blog posts or comments recently. I’ve been in hospital for nearly three weeks. I’m getting better slowly, and I have to say that on the whole, the hospital and its staff have been wonderful. It’s one of the better stays that I’ve had in hospital, and I think the staff are doing an incredible job.

Ive been out of it for the past 3 weeks, but slowly coming around and gaining the desire for photography. Here’s a couple to be getting on with.





40 Replies to “Limited Photo Opportunity In Hospital”

  1. No apologies necessary, your health and well being is more important. It is wonderful to know that you are home and getting better everyday. The shots you took are wonderful
    I will keep you in my thoughts, for a continual speedy and full recovery.

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  2. I’m glad you’re back. Sorry you’ve been in hospital but glad you are improving. These are some lovely shots. I wish I’d had your talent on my break, which was 4 days instead of 7 (I will write about it). All my shots are boring ones from the iPhone. Composition is something you do well; I need to learn. Blessings.

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    1. These photos were taken on my Huawei Mate 20 Pro. You can take great photos on phones. Composition is just practice. I’m sorry I’ve not been reading posts, I’ve been so unwell for so long that I use my energy sparingly. Will you get to take another break?

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      1. I’m sorry you’ve been unwell. I hope things are starting to look up. Yes, I think I will take another break but this time go with one of those package groups of random strangers all travelling together. A “paid for” safety net of sorts.

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  3. Hi Richard, sorry to read you have been in hospital, I hope you will be out soon and feeling much better. I like the effect of the sunlight through the palms. With best wishes from Jane

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  4. I I’m just seeing this. I was wondering about my friend, you, went and searched you out and saw two posts on you being sick. Omg I am so sorry I am just now knowing.❤️🌹

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