Slowly Getting Better

I have really been through it recently, but I am on the mend.

Last Tuesday I had surgery on my lung, it was a success, but surgery had complications and I had a heart attack immediately after. I’m out of intensive care, and I’ve had one chest drain removed. Every day I ask for the other one to be removed, and their response is always “maybe tomorrow”.


Mental health relapse has been scary this time. I wasn’t depressed, in fact far from it. Life is good and I have so much potential, but the suicidal thoughts were overwhelming. I wasn’t found for three days and had aspirated vomit, and that settled in my right lung. The immediate priority was a stay in intensive care to bring me back from the overdose. This was followed by time on a general ward being treated with anti-biotics as preparation for surgery.

One change of hospital later (to a thoracic hospital) and it was surgery last week. My stay on intensive care was a further 6 days, and 5 days back on the ward.


I’ve complained about the NHS before, and with very good reason. However, this time I have nothing but praise for the excellent quality of care in both hospitals. Excellent doesn’t sum it up well enough.

I’m grateful to be alive. Very much so, and for that I’m very grateful to people whose names it would be inappropriate to mention. Thankyou all whoever you are.


I have a hospital acquired skin infection now, which is quite serious. There is a plan in place to deal with it, which will mean being transfered to another hospital. I don’t want to go. I’m tired of hospital, I don’t want a skin graft. Treat the infection – yes. Take away the dead skin – yes. Plastic surgery – no. The wound can be treated with an anti-bacterial/anti-microbial dressing. I don’t care about having a scar.

Any how, life is surprisingly OK in hospital, but I do look forward to getting home.


I’ve added this into the digital sketchbook side of my blog. I can see that this mini series has potential to be built upon.

66 Replies to “Slowly Getting Better”

  1. Richard, I’m so sorry to hear what has been happening to you but it sounds as if you are are (slowly) recovering & in good hands. What a lot you have had to deal with so I hope your treatment improves the skin infection without the need for more surgery. Hopefully, you will be well enough to be home as soon as possible.
    Take care, Judy x

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  2. Richard glad you are getting better – and as you say you have so much potential both in photography and the way you help others with your writings. Don’t give up, and take small steps to recovery. Next time I am over will let you know and hopefully we can meet up again.
    Cheers Dave

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      1. Keepng on. Struggling a bit with depression but deciding to kind of go with it, just do small easy things. Working on a book – a horror novel, my first novel. It’s been interesting.

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    1. Don’t be sorry. A friend suggested I photograph the progress of a pressure ulcer when I was in hospital. Instead I photographed my recovery and consequences of a failed overdose. I’ve no idea when I’ll publish it though.

      How are you? 🤗🤗

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      1. I am doing alright. Fighting a head cold, at the moment. I am trying to stay busy. I find when I am sick it is much harder to make myself do anything, really.
        Glad you are okay.

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      1. That’s moving in the right direction! Don’t move too fast, now — you’ll put yourself right hack under. Healing always takes longer than we wish. Although I’m presently recovering from a much more minor setback, but I’ll make you a deal — if you try to get enough rest to help instead of hinder your recovery, so will I…

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