Embroidery On Photography, A Sample

My approach to assignment 5 was that I wanted to learn a new skill to carry forward to the degree in Photography. I was prepared to fail, which can be an important part of learning. However, things are going better than imagined. Here are two snap shots of the embroidery. It’s such a wonderful and enjoyable process.



The top photo is part of a peacock, embroidered on to a self portrait (I’m not posting the completed photo until I post the completed assignment). The second photo is a work in progress of a butterfly.


27 Replies to “Embroidery On Photography, A Sample”

    1. Very much so Catherine. It’s very restful. The peacock is for transformation, the dragonfly for fighting for life, the butterfly for lightness and joy, the kingfisher is for self preservation. I had chosen a rattlesnake for the 6th photo – which represents medicine and return to health, but I’m thinking of changing it. All of the animals are animal spirits as devised from shamanism and celtic animal spirits.


      1. I hope I didn’t give the impression that it was intimidating. Photography and art are areas in which it’s of for me to make mistakes. I’ll grow from them.

        It’s OK to be stressed about considering learning a new skill. It’s OK. It’s great to learn, and connection, peace, pride, satisfaction can all follow that initial rise in blood pressure

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    1. I’m so glad that the spiritual nature comes a cross. Its a core element. Jayne wants me to consider what text I would use to accompany the photos if the were exhibited. I’m so grateful to be active in my creativity again.


  1. The butterfly is wonderful. And post-modifying prints is something that I really love to do… a way to make it something unique/one-of-kind. So important in this digital age, I think. Really like the meaning behind the creatures.

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