For The Love Of Tree’s

Tree’s are my my connection with mother nature, a source of spiritual connection and joy. I ordered two more for my birthday, to add to my growing collection. I talk to them all in the morning and I believe this is helping these outdoor beauties to live and thrive in my home. If you grow trees I would love to connect, I’m often left with questions which I cannot find answers too.

fznorcalamondin citrofortunella – I over-fed this small orange tree last winter and had to prune it right back. I’m amazed that it has grown back so well, and two new branches are beginning to grow at the top of the trunk.


fznorFicus Carica “scone” – I also over fed my fruit bearing fig tree, however I didn’t need to prune it. The three branches have foliage that is in different health. One of which, the smallest on the right, has been poisoned, but is still producing foliage. The left hand branch is doing the majority of the growing.


hdrplApples and orange tree – thesr trees have been grown from seed.


hdrplOlea Europaea – a new edition and a birthday present to me.


hdrplFicus Benjamina – The first tree in my collection. A combination of growing this in a grow tent and over feeding meant that it shed most of its leaves. I didn’t think that I would be able to rescue it. It’s grown about 10cm this spring and is probably ready for re-potting. It’s wonderful to see this tree return to health.


qrfOullins Golden Gage – Another birthday to me. This plum tree was delivered with many broken branches and clearly hadn’t been watered properly in the weeks leading up to delivery. However, I’m sure that some of the branches are health enough to promote some growth.



12 Replies to “For The Love Of Tree’s”

      1. Oh, a lot. I have two monkey plants – one is named Fred and he’s 30 years old! The other is son of fred. They are the only ones with names. I have a ficus, two peace lilies, two christmas cacti, two colancho, a jade plant, and an odd, ivy-like thing that remains species unknown :-). On Thursdays, which is watering day, I kind of resent them, but I’m also a little chuffed that I’ve managed to keep them alive, some for a great deal of time (one of the peace lilies is 25 and that’s about the age of the ficus too).

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  1. So great to see your trees! =) I have a fruiting pear tree in my front yard who is 2-years old. I need to figure out when/if to prune her since she’s constantly hitting the house with her branches. “Come out to play!” She seems to enjoy rainstorms the best. Lovely read and photos, thank you, Richard! ♥.

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