Cognitive Disonence – Dancing City At The Greenwich Docklands International Festival

Wow, what a performance Dancing City put on.


I hadn’t planned on seeing dancing City, I just wanted to take a trip to Canary Wharf with my camera and do some photography. It was a blessed relief to get out with my OMD EM 10 MK II and explore the docklands (these photos were taken on my Huawei P 20 Pro) . Dancing City were performing outside of the tube station so I stopped and had a look.


Got to be honest, I didn’t think this was for me, but I have a friend who is a contemporary dancer so I sat down on the floor and figured I’d try and work out what was going on. The performers were dancing with objects that have a resemblance to the human form, so I figured they represented people. The dancing appeared to be sexual, passionate and suggestive at times, which threw me. What the hell is that about. I could understand it with people but not objects. Other aspects of the dancing seemed to be free form and uncoreogeaphed.


I concerned relationship, specifically the kind of relationship where someone views the other as being something they are not. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve fallen in love with my partners potential, only seeing their best points, so I’m not in a relationship with the person who is really there, warts and all. Then I considered the dance portrayed psychosis and the interplay between heard voices, delusion and life.

It turns out that the performance was an exploration of modern day slavery.

The performance is worth considering in relation to my photography. Creating cognitive disonence, by including an object which is out of place, the viewer is left in a position where questions will arise. A viewer then becomes engaged with what they are gazing upon, and they may seek conciliation between the known and the abstract.

15 Replies to “Cognitive Disonence – Dancing City At The Greenwich Docklands International Festival”

  1. My intial thought (looking at the images before I read the words) were that they looked like chess pieces, which I guess could sort of be related to relationships and exploring subject matter. It is good to see that you are getting out and about though.

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  2. Wow. What an interesting subject. I love how art, dance, photography can communicate such profound ideas without words. Your photos help me imagine the performance. As you say, some relationships can feel enslaving, and you can lose ownership of your body. I wonder if you saw the performance of Lizzo at Glastonbury? I watched this with my teenage daughters and step-daughter and found it incredibly moving and powerful. A very memorable expression of reclaiming our own bodies and identities, and offering self-support.

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  3. Great that you actually took the trouble to find the correlation between the two instead of dismissing it because it’s not your interest. Some great learnings happen when we are open to it. Great going, Richard. Am glad that you are exploring new things and subjects and expanding your horizons.

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    1. I think there was some synchronicity with the universe there. I made sure that I took my camera out, as I hadn’t been out with it for a while. It feels like the universe rewarded me for doing so.


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