Assignment Five Update

This piece of embroidery has not been easy. Once I had pricked the photo I was overwhelmed with the amount of holes and the complexity. It’s necessary to make all of the holes before trying to work out where the hell to embroider and which threads to use. This photo has been demanding in terms of energy and focus.

The process is enjoyable though. I’m seeing the commitment as running parallel to the effort I have to put into recovery from my eating disorder.

My working title remains as “emotional States of my anorexia”, however the embroidery is about recovery, change and growth, and this needs to be reflected in the title.

Embroidering onto my self portraits has started to feel like an act of self love, whereas initially I felt neutral towards the process of pricking and sewing upon myself.

My tutor and I will be discussing my progress next week, and I look forward to her guidance, especially in relation to one of the remaining animals (I’m not happy with the snake) and with regards to mounting them. The electrical tape which I use to secure threads is bulky in the areas where I’ve taped several loose ends.



8 Replies to “Assignment Five Update”

  1. How fantastic that your embroidery is also helping your recovery Richard. I’m so impressed with your work in progress, it’s fascinating to see it evolve. The details are really intricate it must take you a long time & need a lot of patience.

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    1. It takes one hell of a long time, and this one has been complicated. One wing is seen from above and the one to the left of the face is seen from below. It’s also back lit so I’m having to work out shading as I go along. Lots of fun and peace though.

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  2. it’s a great concept and its really nice to see the connection that you have tried to make between your eating disorder and this. What is inspirational is the idea of growth changes and positivity that you have attempted to relate to instead of the usual downsides of any disease. Way to go Richard.

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