The Plan, And Personal Projects

The Plan is simple. I’m taking a break between Foundations in Photography and the undergraduate BA in Photography. I will resume my studies in January. Study is so good for my mental health that I have considered enrolling immediately on the degree, but I also don’t feel that’s right just now.

I haven’t read photography books for some time, so I have reintroduced this progress. I don’t particularly enjoy reading these texts, but my practice does benefit from it.


My personal projects are important for my development. I have started to photo the London underground stations, both inside and out. The inside is a plain photo of the sign and surround, and I’m trying to capture points of interest outside of the tube station (not always possible as some of the surrounds are dull. My intent is to do this for the whole 270 tube stations, and I want to capture the mundane commute, but also include points of peace or joy along the route. I’m considering producing a poster size map of the London underground system and making a collage using 3 inch by 2 inch photos to present this series. The following two photos are the inside and outside of Charing Cross.

Charing Cross 1

Charing Cross 2

I’m aware that photographing a square mile will be an aspect of Express Your Vision, which is the first module of the degree, and I intend to use London’s Square Mile for this.

Today I am photographing my trip to Brighton from the perspective of me kneeling down. I simply want to try a new perspective with my photography and to document a simple journey. Love, peace and joy to you all on this beautiful Sunday.


9 Replies to “The Plan, And Personal Projects”

    1. Thanks Graham. My plan is to go out on the tube and get off at each stop to photograph the inside of the station, get the next tube to the next stop. Then get the bus to the outside of each station. That way I’m not paying to get out at each tube station. I think it may be a long term project.

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  1. I think the break will be good for you Richard & I look forward to your return to your OCA studies in the New Year. It will give you time recuperate in addition to continuing with your personal projects. You can possibly incorporate these at a later date into your degree work.

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  2. I think this is a great idea for a project. It’s like a tourist guide to London with the link being the underground. I think some of the stations even lend themselves to using the same subject but with the viewpoint changed because of the station location.
    I know I’d have found something like that useful in the past because the underground map doesn’t always give an idea of the distance between stations. What looks like you have to take multiple trains underground is a 5 minute walk above ground.

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