Reflections Upon Improving Suicidal Ideation, Anorexia And Paranoia

The past few weeks have been incredibly challenging for me, with intense paranoia, suicidality and relapse with my eating disorder. It’s been a very painful time to be honest, and I’ve needed to delve into the pain in order to survive.


Diving into the pain means to stop resisting it, to lean into it and to allow it to be, just as it is. It’s had me curled up on my bed in tears and too scared to move, and it’s taken me into leaving my home upon awakening and returning in the evening because I’ve been to scared to be at home. Paranoia is a fucker, I hate it, it’s been overwhelming, but it’s eased somewhat.

The shift happened last Thursday when it hit me that despite feeling unsafe, I’ve actually been safe. I’ve used the rationalisation for a while, but it finally dropped into place.


Going to Brighton last Sunday and Monday was a decision to go out because I wanted to, not because I felt that I had to. I have spent most of the last week out as well, as an act of protecting my mental health. There’s a workman decorating the communal space and having him around triggers my experience of paranoia, so I’ve been out every day, and I will be for the next week too. Sometimes it’s knowing which fight to battle and which to accept. The good news is that I’ve stayed at home this weekend. I’ve felt anxious, I’ve experienced paranoid thinking, but it’s been at a level that I can cope with.

The fear has reduced significantly, and I believe this has had a positive impact upon my eating disorder. I’ve increased my food intake to around 3/4 of my bodies daily requirement. My body is larger than I want it to be, heavier than what I feel comfortable with, but I’m eating more and I feel better for it.


Life is still a challenge, I don’t find living easy, but this week has been more enjoyable. Getting out with my camera on my trip to Brighton was very enjoyable, and shooting whilst being down on my knees has been a learning experience and I’m going to post about that over the next couple of days.

A friend sent me a link to an artists call for submission for a health related exhibition. Submitting was such an invigorating thing to do. I felt alive with enthusiasm and passion. I haven’t had the motivation to continue with embroidering on photography as yet, but it will return. I’m sleeping for longer and up later in the day, my most creative time, but the motivation will return.


16 Replies to “Reflections Upon Improving Suicidal Ideation, Anorexia And Paranoia”

  1. I can’t comment on your personal battles – that would be presumptuous of me – I just wish you so much well. But your photos – ahh – this I can talk about. Reflections are my favorite type of images (along with shadows). I love that second one – the bus reflected in the giant orb. Just made me giggle with delight! Thanks!

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  2. Richard, I appreciate your walk-through of what’s been going on and find that it encourages me with my own struggles with anxiety and resulting self-isolation. I’m so glad you chose to get out and away from the workman/trigger. What I sense about what you saying is that you have reached a healthy balance between letting go and taking charge. Entering a submission for the exhibition is exciting to hear about. Looking forward to updates. Cool to “see” you in the last photo.

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  3. Very striking self-reflection image at the bottom of your post of self-reflections! Like Matryoshka dolls.. almost does my head in! Anyway, very well done and so happy to hear that you’ve knocked back some of the fear, and that you’re generally feeling more healthy.

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  4. Richard, you are so strong and very wise in how you are handling this. You continue to inspire me, especially about how to be nurturing to myself. I recently came to the same conclusion about the pain. Let go. I felt like I was drowning, struggling to breathe when I was never in the water at all. I was just struggling.. Hugs and love to you today and always. ♥.

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  5. *hugs* Thank you. I’m totally fine. I didn’t say it well, I’m sorry. I meant that I wasn’t drowning, I wasn’t even in water. I was simply struggling. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. I don’t see things as they are sometimes but as I feel. Do you know what I mean? I’m grateful for every day, especially this moment. ♥.

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