Watching Aircraft At Heathrow

I’m not comfortable with the fact that I love watching Aircraft as much as I do. The climate emergency is real, and its getting worse day on day, and aircraft are the third largest fossil fuel polluters worldwide. I’m very concerned about the environment, and I also enjoy watching aircraft.

I experienced intense paranoia and suicidal thoughts during the summer, and I was too scared to be at home during the day. It has eased off now, but during the summer I just had to get outside everyday. I went to Heathrow Airport on one of those summer days, and watched aircraft flying in and out of the airport. Here are a few photos from that day. You can click on the photo’s for a larger view if you wish.  Unfortunately, I do not know what types of aircraft the are, sorry.




9 Replies to “Watching Aircraft At Heathrow”

  1. Great shot. I get the existential guilt. I drink rather a lot of diet Pepsi (though I have reduced it significantly – yay, me). Besides all the reasons it’s bad for me, I also get guilt because of the constant stream of plastics I’m producing. It’s a tricky balancing act. I hope you can put aside the conflict and enjoy it more. You deserve that.

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  2. I think the climate change hoaxers should be held responsible for making folks like you feel guilty about watching planes take off.

    Some of the main hoaxers are the Obama’s.

    They “believe” the rising sea levels are an immediate problem that is going to kill us all very soon.

    Yet they just purchased an $11 million dollar home on the coast.


  3. Like your pictures,they are fantastic.i like the view, but what I don’t like is the suicidal thought, that means you are depressed, please surround yourself with people you love,most especially member of your family or friends, have quality time with them,a problem shared is always half solve….

    Always remember this: we all need you around here.may God keep and bless you.

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  4. Nice shots! I buy groceries in Deer Lake, a small Newfoundland town – sorry, I am from Nova Scotia – a large Newfoundland town, with an airport. I’m not sure why, after three years of living here that I still have duck and cover instincts every time one passes over head. LARP is great for meeting new people, getting outdoors and escaping into a new character. Check out Aviking By Hoof’s lineup for LARP Gros Morne 2020.

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