Passion – Exercise 1.4

Passion can get us all writing. Write a short list of things that get you riled. Choose from the list something that makes you passionately angry and let rip on this subject. Don’t think of it as a letter to an editor, or any other form of special writing. Write for yourself, to express to yourself what you want to say about this. Again, read through what you’ve written but leave it for now.

My list

  • Donald trump
  • Racism
  • People with awful bad breath who don’t use mouth wash
  • People with awful bad breath who do use mouth wash (fair enough, it’s better than without, but it makes me shudder)
  • Injustice
  • Inequality

Racism is disgusting. Its not an innate thing to be racist, we’re not born racist, it’s a learned behaviour. It’s something that all racists could change if they wanted too. To treat others as being inferior is beyond me. White privilege. Bollocks. We are all equal. I am a human being from earth. I value your heritage, history and culture.

Institutional racism is shocking. People from a BAME background are disproportionately stopped and search, are inmates in prison and are over-represented in the mental health system, including more likely to be sectioned and restrained. How can we live in a world in which we can have a prime minister who has spoken using racist language and who is clearly an islamaphobe? I don’t just feel angry, I feel sad. I have friends who are people of colour, who have experienced racism regularly over the course of their lives. It’s awful that any human has to suffer in these ways.

4 Replies to “Passion – Exercise 1.4”

  1. I have experienced racism many times and I am white. It works both ways. I wasn’t raised that way at all!! I wasn’t taught to see the color of a person’s skin but to only see the person inside. However, if you are put in an environment surrounded by hostility and prejudice it can easily rub off on you. I work in customer service and I have had people “of color” to approach me with such a negative defensive energy that i could feel it literally. I have had their children look at me with disgust and fear. It is not a good feeling. I have offered their children lollipops or candy because I do that for all of the children and they act like they can’t accept them. How do I know it’s because of the color of my skin? Because I have a co-worker who is “of color” and she can initiate the same things as me yet is met with a smile and acceptance. It is sad and I have to fight the urge to also bring up my walls of defense, pride, anger and give racism in return to them. Too many times we look at those “of color” that are met with racism but fail to see that white people get undeserved treatment as well. It seems children “of color” are taught to view all white people in a negative light because of history and slavery. I understand they may need to know about their culture and learn about people who have displayed courage and heroism like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. However while teaching them don’t  put so much emphasis on “color” but let it be an opportunity to get to the root of the problem which is a heart issue. What lies in the heart of a person hate and anger? which brings forth all negative actions or LOVE ❤️? 

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    1. Racism is wrong in any guise. I have more of an understanding of why people of colour may feel defensive or hostile. The statistics are quite clear that non white people are more likely to be victims of persecution and violence from the state, and the police are still less likely to face prosecution for the murder of an unarmed black suspect than of a white when. When the state that is meant to protect you not only fails to do so but actively harms you without questions being asked then yes, acting defensively and hostilely is to be expected. It’s an awful state of affairs.


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