Making The Most Of Any Opportunity To Write.

This isn’t a long post, more of a reminder for me.

I woke up during the following a dream. In the dream I was writing furiously at a desk. My mum came into the room and asked why I was sulking. I explained that I wasn’t sulking, and that I was writing. She asked again “why are you sulking.” I replied “mum, I’m writing a novel.”

I got up and had a puff on my e cig and another part of Sophie Lives came to me. Just another short piece, but it’s helping with plot development. Sophie is going to have flashbacks of the domestic abuse that she suffered, and I wrote part of one of the flashbacks. Three o’clock in the morning is as good a time to write as any other.


Ive just completed my freewriting this morning, and an idea came to me.

Sophie is going to wear clothing which is black, or that is not feminine in any way as she does not wish to attract attention to herself.

8 Replies to “Making The Most Of Any Opportunity To Write.”

    1. I’ve still got a few projects on the go with photography. One of them I’m only using my mobile phone for. I’m creating a photographic map of the London underground both inside and out. The outdoors isn’t necessarily photographing the station, just what ever is in the area. I couldn’t comment on your photography. There wasn’t a comments box.


  1. The best ideas often seem to occur in the middle of the night. Keeping a notebook handy is a good idea. Sophie Lives is beginning to take shape, how exciting to be creating something new from thoughts, memories & the written word. Have you thought of using any of your photographs to accompany the writing Richard ? Not sure if that’s acceptable for the coursework though.

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