Rabbit Hide And Seek – Exercise 1.6

2) You might find it easier to begin writing if you have a ‘prompt’ to give you an initial focus, although you must then allow your thoughts to wander as they choose. For example ‘I was running through a dark forest when…’ and just keeping writing. 

I wrote the following by hand and am now typing it up.


I was running through a dark forest when

A rabbit did appear

A ball of white cute fluffyness

I’m sure his look was queer

He bounded right up too my feet

And then he looked at me

And beckoned me to follow him

And hid behind a tree

“I can’t play hide and seek with you”

I really don’t have time”

His face became so sorrowfull

I said “oh dear, yes, fine”

So we played a little game or two

The rabbit he did win

I thanked him for the game we played

And his smile became a grin

My mind is wandering today

I know not what to write

I haven’t got my glasses on

Which means I have no sight

I’m trying to find my glasses now

By feeling on the floor

My knees are getting carpet burns

The poor things now feel sore

6 Replies to “Rabbit Hide And Seek – Exercise 1.6”

  1. Oh that’s interesting! I’d never thought of using a prompt for poetry. Seems so obvious now haha I’m just so used to writing fiction. I’ve got my own writing prompt coming out tomorrow. I’ll have to try this and see what I come up with.

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