Research Point 1.4

Turn to your Creative Writing Student Guide, and look at the section called Research Tools. Take note of the advice on reading in the sub-section ‘Reading for writers.’

  • Reading is essential
  • Reading brings knowledge to writers (inspiration) 
  • A book list helps to always have a book on the go
  • Make use of the library, book shop and Internet 
  • Read both contempory writing and your favourite genre, as well as from famous writer
  • Read poetry, creative non-fiction and short stories as these are covered during the creative writing course
  • Read books about writing
  • Write a book critique with each read book
  • Imagine why the writer has written what they have
  • Make use of a personal note book to jot down ideas
  • It’s OK to base writing on a writers style (it’s part of the learning process) 
  • Writers often speak about their work, listen to them when you can

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