Do the Chicken Rap

I was on the farm

With my feathers and my beak

When I saw this bird who made my knees go weak

Went and had a chat

Thought I’d try my luck

She said “go away and cluck”

I’m not a chicken I’m a duck.


Do the chicken rap, you know you should

Do the chicken rap, it’ll make you feel good.


I wrote a dating add

That I sent to the press

I got no replies

Now my heads in a mess

I hate this farm

The only chicken, I’m alone

The last resorts

To snap my own wish bone


Do the chicken rap, you know you should

Do the chicken rap, it’ll make you feel good.


All I want is to sit and share

The water

And the corn

With romance in the air

It’s not gonna happen

It’s a real rough ride

So I’ll slice and dice myself

Chicken suicide


Eat the chicken wrap, you know you should

Eat the chicken wrap, it’ll make you feel good.


Paranoia Says…Mindfulness Replies…

Paranoia – The thought that my neighbours go to bed at the same time as me because they are spying upon me.

Paranoia – That feeling I get that the people who live on the other side of the road are spying on me as I make coffee and toast.

Paranoia – The cautiousness I have about talking on the phone because my phone is bugged.

Paranoia – That man talking on the phone, the one with the glasses. He’s watching me, following me and talking about me.

Paranoia – That car that just pulled up with the two men inside, that was on my street, in front of my home when I left this morning. Why are they following me?

Mindfulness – Naming. I am aware I am experiencing paranoid thinking.

Mindfulness – Acting opposite. I have decided not to follow the man who has been following me.

Mindfulness – Sharing. I have told a friend about my paranoid thinking because I know it will help me to gain a better perspective.

Mindfulness – Writing. I’ve written my experiences of paranoid thinking in my journal. Getting things down in black and white helps me to stop mentally creating the story of paranoia.

Paranoia – Shame. I don’t like to experience the feeling of shame, so I subconsciously create the story called “My Paranoia”.

Mindfulness – Meditation. I sit with my feelings of shame and say “Welcome shame, come and sit with me. Be as much or as big as you are”.

Mindfulness – Acceptance. When I accept my feelings, no matter how painful they are, I am far safer than when I create a story out of them.

Chasing the Dragon (Carnival Clown)

I went to my own carnival

A dragon it did smoulder

Chased it down, that line of brown

I wish I could have told ya.


I wish I could of told ya

Exactly how it felt

A cold hot breeze, down through my knees

I felt my body melt.


I felt my body melt

I was wrapped in a moist, warm womb

10 more hits, 10 lines of shit

Without them – just gloom.



My raspberry ripple, melted ice cream, rush

Has vanished, I’m now scuz

A knock comes loud, fall through my cloud

Bollocks – Fuck – Shit, it’s the fuzz.


Bollocks – Fuck – Shut, it’s the fuzz

The scag has now turned stale

I’m in a fix, I NEED a fix

I face a stretch in jail.


Inside is so much easier

I even get to eat

It wern’t like that in my dismal flat

I’ve landed on my feet.


I’ve landed on my feet

But the H is hard to score

I share a pin, and sell my skin

I am a heroin whore.


I was a heroin whore

Initially – what a rave

But six foot down, now whose the clown

In my six by three feet grave.


Royal Leisure – Nonsense

What is the life if full of care

The Queen she wears no underwear

No time stand beneath the boughs

While Charlie stops to talk with cows

No time to see when woods we pass

Where Harry grows his hemp and grass

No time to see in broad daylight

The Duke and Duchess have a fight

No time to turn at beauties glance

Look out, Phillips in his lovers stance

No time to wait till his mouth can

Offend the race of everyman

A poor life this is full of care

The Queen she wears no underwear

Just Simply – There is

When I let go of ideas about who you are and who I am – There Is

When I let go of reaction and the limitations of response – There Is

When preconceived ideas of how things should be compared to how they are – There Is

When FACTS, drop down to BELIEFS and beliefs turn into the realisation that nothing is actually known – There Is

Beyond thoughts and ideology, beyond shame and guilt, beyond love and peace and hopes and dreams – There Is

You Are Not Who You Think You Are

Who am I?

I am not who I think I am.

I am not my thoughts, my feelings, my actions, reactions,  ambitions, distractions.

I wear the clothes of hopes and dreams, failure and loss, projection, rejection, fear and dejection.

My outward imagine is not who I am, it’s who I want you to see, and my internal reality makes me want to flee and hide and bury what I do and i see, with possessions and wealth, with more than I need of food and the drug of activity.

But who I am when the image has gone?

Who am I without these clothes and my hair?

Who am I really?

What lays beneath?

Tell me What’s real?

Who’s there underneath.