Presentation of Assignment One – Square Mile.

I’m posting my assignment to my tutor. I’m very pleased with how the book has turned out. I’ve thought for some time about how to present it, and ordered a decorative box. I’ve wrapped the book, padded the box and it’s almost ready for posting. I forgot parcel paper, so I’ll get that tomorrow.

Reflections on the Week

After completing Assignment One last week, I took a couple of days to chill. As well as sending my photo book to my tutor, I will be sending my reflections and learning booklet.

Then it hit me – having links to contact sheets will not work in a paper book, so I removed the links, included contact sheets and then sent the booklet to the printers.

This week my focus has been writing a photo essay on homelessness, which I have submitted, completing Lightroom tutorial 4, and developing some photos for my personal photography projects. Once I have completed editing the bird photography I will read the coursework for Image the Portrait. Which I’m not looking forward to. I hardly see people. My friends don’t live nearby, I don’t socialise, I’m a hermit. Solutions will appear because they always do.

It’s not always easy to read all of the other blogs that I want too, but I’ve had more time this week. It’s a lovely process seeing people start coursework,  complete each section, plan and execute their assignment and then get their tutors feedback. A few people have completed assignments and a couple have had feedback. I enjoy and learn from other people’s study, and I get hope from seeing them complete an assignment or unit.

York:- A Photographic History – Assignment One – Square Mile

I have produced a photobook to present the series, and a reflections book to demonstrate my processes, technique, learning and development. Once these have been printed I will send them to my tutor.

I am aware that on WordPress with tbe content area white background, some of the highlights and whites of the images bleed into the page. In the book I use a lemon pastel background which is more effective.

Although all of the photographs are in the books, you can find them below, along with the PDF’s for both books.

Photobook Front and Back Cover

Photobook – Main Body

Assignment One Reflections – PDF

Assignment One Reflections Book a


Contact Sheets

Final 13

Developed top 40 series 1, and series 2

As shot 48 – series 1, and series 2

As shot – full set of 70

627 CE – The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter (York Minster)

York :- A Photographic History


Back Cover (this is not an assessed photo)

York :- A Photographic History


71 CE – The Southern Gateway to Eboracum, St Helen’s Square

York :- A Photographic History


306CE – Constantine the Great

York :- A Photographic History


866 CE – Coppergate, Jorvik and Ivar the Boneless

York :- A Photographic History


1190 CE – The Festival of Pesach Massacre, Clifford’s Tower

York :- A Photographic History


1350 CE – Shambles

York :- A Photographic History


1570 CE – Guy Fawkes – St Michael le Belfrey

York :- A Photographic History


1644 CE – Roundheads, Cavaliers, and the Siege of York

York :- A Photographic History


1739 CE – The Execution of Dick Turpin

York :- A Photographic History


1825 CE – Mad Alice – Lunds Court

York :- A Photographic History


1997 CE – El Piano, the Latin Quarter, and the Festival of Angels

York :- A Photographic History


2015 – The Great York FloodYork :- A Photographic History


PDF of PhotoBook Produced for Square Mile – Feedback Appreciated.

I decided that I would make my series for Square Mile into a PhotoBook. There are two PDF files, one for the cover and one for the book.

I am going to proof read tomorrow before I commit to getting it printed. It will be a12inch by 12inch hardback book. I would really appreciated any feedback. In the PDF the Pages are above and below each other. So there is a photo and then a page of text that accompanies the photo. In the book they will be side by side. I dont know how to do that in my PDF viewer.

York A Photographic History Cover

York A Photographic History

My plan for Thursday is to make final adjustments from proof reading, and then write up my reflections on the assignment.


Demonstrating My Process of Selecting Photos for Assignment 1

It’s been a process from evaluating the photos in camera and windows photo viewer, lightroom review, making two series of preferred photos, another review and getting down to 48 photos.

I turned those into undeveloped contact sheets and sought critique and feedback. The aim was to review strengths and weaknesses of composition, subject and technique.

The next step was to develop the photos, select my favourite 12 and then cross reference these with the feedback from others.

The photos that we all agreed on I cut out and put them in one pile, and have then re-evaluated the photos that I preferred and that others gave feedback on.

I know have 12 photos that are probably in the final series and 11 reserves (see below). I have reserves because my series is York – A Photographic History. I intend to cover a wide history so I may take an image or two out once I’ve double checked my history research. The series will be a pdf book format with an image on the left page and accompanying text on the right. I will arrange the photos chronologically so that the book reads as a sequence.

Probable Final Series



20170827_153535I have received input and feedback from several people in relation to photo selection and photo development. My heartfelt thanks

Before and After – Rework – Which is Best?

I have reworked this image following a suggestion from one of my peers. The guidance was to try the photo with the man, but to keep the background without the car through the arch. The first image is the original as taken in camera. I want to keep the same crop ratio as my edited version from yesterday (image 2). I have placed the man further back so that I could include him and retain the crop ratio.

Which works best? Please let me know what you prefer and why?

Many thanks.

Enjoying Developing for Square Mile – This Weeks Learning – Lightroom Tutorial Develop Module Global Developments Next Week

I am currently developing photos for assignment one – Square Mile. It’s been a lot of fun. Hard work because I want to present my photos in a manner that I’m happy with. One of the keys for me has been to seek guidance and critique from others.  I have now established which photos I want to include. My next step is to cross reference those with the feedback I have received from others. I will include the photos that we all agree on and then review and reselected to make up the final 12.

The most important thing for me this week has been to follow the guidance in the FiP manual – to continue even if you don’t feel like it. I wasn’t well on Saturday and didn’t enjoy the photography but I continued with it. I felt really disheartened and felt that I made really awful photos. They are much better than I thought and include all the aspects of learning from Workflow.

Lightroom tutorial 4 – Develop module – Global development – I’ve put that on the back burner this week so that I can focus on my assignment. I will get it written and posted next week.

Have a fab weekend.

Square Mile – Contact Sheets

Here are the contact sheets of the photos for Square Mile, after the initial evaluation.  There are 41 photos in total. I am going to get this down to 24, once I have reviewed these, and make two series of 12, which I will then ask for critique from my peers, before making the final selection. The series will be a historical journey through York from the first century up to the present day. I have not developed these photos as yet, I will do so when I am down to the final 24. These photos all have the clarity that I desire and fit into my themes, so I am more concerned with which ones fit together rather than developing them at the moment. Although I have lebelled these Series 1 and Series 2, I may well swap photos around once I have developed them.

My aim is to have the final series include capturing stillness and movement, light and shadow, using different white balance to emphasise warmth, sunshine, diffuse light, coolness and emphasise linear structure. Also I want to use the research from Tom Hunter and Dan Holdsworth to bring the photos together in a series that is also sequential in nature.

I welcome critique and feedback, so if you wish to comment, then please do so.

Series 1

Series 2


Series 1

Lightroom (_DSC4657.NEF and 24 others)Lightroom (_DSC4657.NEF and 24 others)

Lightroom (_DSC4657.NEF and 22 others)Lightroom (_DSC4657.NEF and 22 others)