My Portfolio

Below is a video that I have put together of my portfolio. I prepared and used this for my application to study the undergraduate BA (hons) Photography with the University for the Creative Arts.

I have arranged my portfolio into seven sections

  1. Photography that I want to make
  2. Building upon my own work and the critique and feedback of others
  3. A complete assignment from start to finish
  4. Building upon the work of others
  5. Photography for fun
  6. Pushing myself
  7. Committment and moving forward

The video is fairly long because I talk through each of the sections and the photos that I present for each theme. Learning how to make videos properly, and video and sound editing are something for the future.

I am very pleased with my portfolio and that I can see my weaknesses and strengths.


BA (hons) Undergradute Photography Degree With The University For The Creative Arts

I am back after a very busy and exciting time recently. A few weeks ago I made a call to the programme leader for photography at the University for the Creative Arts. We had an informal chat and following this I applied via UCAS. I had around three weeks from my application being processed to my interview, which was last Wednesday (18th April).

During that time I prepared my portfolio, organised my photobooks, ordered photos to be printed that I wanted to use, got everything framed, and prepared how I would present my portfolio.

I will make another post today or tomorrow with a video that I have made of my portfolio, in which I talk through the portfolio, the ideas, the images, the critique and feedback and future plans.

A busy, exciting time that has had a positive outcome. Yesterday I received an unconditional offer to study the three year degree. I had originally applied for the four year degree which includes a foundation year, but the interviewer felt that to take the foundation year would hold me back photographically and may leave me feeling frustrated.

My studies with the OCA will continue until I begin at UCA in September. I am so very grateful to my peers and the other connections that I have made on WordPress. You have kept me inspired, have taught me so many things, and given me the confidence to apply for the degree.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the Open College of the Arts. Many many many thanks.

When I start at UCA I will be keeping this blog open so that I can keep a record of my progress, build upon my gallery, hopefully write some more poetry, but mostly to stay in touch with all that I have connected with on WordPress