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A photography competition and opportunity to exhibit your photo with a link back to your site. There is no entry fee and anyone over 18 will be able to enter.

The competition will run from 6th June 2018 – 5th June 2019 (which will give your site lots of exposure).

First prize £50 Amazon voucher

Two runners up £25 Amazon voucher

Prizes will be converted to the currency of the recipients home nation.

Gulls In Flight


Dogs – Animals In Motion – Exercise 3.3 – Sequence

My first attempts at capturing animals in motion were photographed using my bridge camera, and I wasn’t particularly happy with the results. I have re-photographed, this time using some dogs that were playing in the snow. I made use of my Olympus OMD EM10 MKiii for this series, the lens was the MZuiko 4-150 zoom. As well as making use of the photo video format, I have made a grid presentation style using Adobe Photoshop.


The results are better here than they were for the birds, not perfect, more improvement needed but a better than my previous attempt.

A Time Of Mixed Motivation

Today has been a very positive and engaging day for me. The project that I am planning for exercise 3.2 – Typology using street art and grafitti is developing. As well as producing the photomontage, I intend to create an HD video, and have specific music that I would like to accompany the photos. Great music that requires me to seek license consent. The emails have been sent, and it has not been easy to find contact details for the record labels, but I have got there in the end.

Exercise 3.9 – A familiar place. Having originally said that I don’t have a significant place, reflection has helped me to realise that I have a few. The industrial North East of England, where I like to explore traditional heavy industrial architecture (Blade runner esk and very familiar to Port Talbot), and then of course there is Redcar. I love Redcar. Yay to the paradox of traditional green-house gas producing industry alongside the wind-farm that I love and adore.

Although I have been out with my camera, exploring and having fun, the weather is putting me off from visiting Durham or possible Leeds/Bradford  for exercise 3.1 – Searching. Thats the small lack of motivation.

Sociology is important to me, and I feel strongly about gun crime and culture. I wrote a short essay called Gun Control Versus Mental Health which has been published by The Sociological Mail and can be seen here (thank you Shaneka). This essay has not been a photographic like my others, however it is important for my development and creativity. Photography, research and writing are all important to me.

My goal for tomorrow:- to create the background for my photomontage in Photoshop, create the 3D style writing that I will lay the images over, and begin to arrange the photography. The final piece will be 240cm by 135cm, and this will mean research into using a large enough scratch disk for Photoshop to be able to save the PSD’s as I go along.

Time for a nap.

Stopped And Questioned By The Police Whilst Photographing On Saturday

A bit of a scary but also positive experience. I like the North of England, and despite the progressive destruction of traditional heavy industry,and the development of a service based economy, there are many places where traditional industry is still functioning. I was aware that we were due to have a week with below zero temperatures and we’;re meant to have a lot of snow, so I decided to go for a walk, and explore a place I hadn’t been to before.

I had walked along the coast and taken photos of many things that interested me, and one of those was what appeared to be an inland oil rig. It’s a gas rig, but I am not sure if they drill for gas under the rig, or whether the rig is connected to a field just off of the coast.

There was also a really interesting building near by so I took a couple of photos of that. Whilst doing so a police car turned up, and as I was the only person around I figured they wanted to speak with me.

One of the officers got out of the car, with an assault rifle tucked under his arm (not pointing at me), and I was a little scared at this point. He explained that he was from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and that I had been photographing a nuclear power station. He explained the security concerns to me, and had to carry out a PNC check to ensure that I was not connected with any terrorist activity.

He was calm, polite, interested in my photography and my studies. He explained that there was no requirement for me to show him the photos that I had taken, but would appreciate it if I did. He could see quite clearly that my photography was quite random, and we discussed my frustration with the current government believing that the Northern Powerhouse is only Leeds and Manchester (this is something that I may be able to explore during the next section of my coursework).

It has taken me a few days to process the situation, and I have decided that even though I have not been asked to delete or not show the photograph, I am not going to do so. I will keep it for my own collection though because I like heavy industry and the landscape that surrounds it.

Here is the photo of the gas rig though. This is the Northern Powerhouse.

Tees Port

Exploring the symbolism of the photo.

The rig – Power, Strength, Might, Domination

The grass – wasteland, waste, emptiness, void – each blade of grass represents one person who has been put out of work as the traditional industry is destroyed, the bare shrubs are destroyed communities

Despite all of this I see beauty.