My Portfolio

Below is a video that I have put together of my portfolio. I prepared and used this for my application to study the undergraduate BA (hons) Photography with the University for the Creative Arts.

I have arranged my portfolio into seven sections

  1. Photography that I want to make
  2. Building upon my own work and the critique and feedback of others
  3. A complete assignment from start to finish
  4. Building upon the work of others
  5. Photography for fun
  6. Pushing myself
  7. Committment and moving forward

The video is fairly long because I talk through each of the sections and the photos that I present for each theme. Learning how to make videos properly, and video and sound editing are something for the future.

I am very pleased with my portfolio and that I can see my weaknesses and strengths.


Re-WorkedAssignment Two



This is a re-worked version of assignment two following feedback from my tutor. She asked me to consider how I would display this series on a gallery wall? What text would I have as an accompaniment? Words which touch upon the meaning of the photos without being so explicit that the viewer cannot question or interpret the photos as they see fit.

The poem that I have written by way of introduction raises questions in a way that I wasn’t sure that I could achieve if I had composed a statement.

The concept of a gallery presentation and accompanying text is new to me so I would greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions which will help me to improve upon this.

Although I have received verbal feedback from my tutor, I am going to leave going into full detail, and my response until after I have received the written feedback, so that I can attach it to the post.