Study Break – Exhaustion

Hello all.

I’m taking an unplanned study break. I move to London at the end of next week, which is incredibly exciting. I’m also finding the pressure of moving to be exhausting. I’m learning to listen to my body, and just now I’m needing to rest.


I am experiencing moments of anxiety, not a huge amount, and I think the exhaustion and need for additional sleep, is the way my body and mind need to do things in order for me to cope. The anxiety had triggered my neuro-muscular condition quite severely, which will also have an impact upon the tiredness. I’m going with what my body needs at the moment, and that feels so healthy.

I’m still waiting for my self portraits to arrive. My next steps will be to review Cindy Sherman’s use of masks, and then to begin embroidering over my portraits. But that’s for once I’ve moved.


Looking after myself is not a natural experience, but it’s happening. It’s a change that I put down to working the 12 step programme. It’s a relief to pace myself, focus on one thing at a time, and rest. Rest includes play, which right now is about watching comedy and the occasional movie.


I’m on track with my eating, and working closely with my nutritionist. I can’t believe that I’m coping with change without restricting my diet or bingeing and purging. I feel very grateful.


Stressed – Apologies – Update

Trying to follow and read people’s blogs is a little intermittent at the moment, and I send my apologies for this.

Trying to arrange accommodation and other smaller things for uni is quite stressful, and I don’t cope well with stress. I took yesterday off completely and rested.

Although I had planned to have a second attempt at exercise 3.5, using the same poem but making a collage with appropriated images, I’m putting this on the back burner for now.

I am nearly finished with exercise 3.6 mixing genres, and on the whole I’m pleased with it. Although I may re-photograph one day, early in the morning so that I can eliminate shadow.

When I completed reading The Civil Contract of Photography, by Ariella Azoulay, I had intended to write a review. However it’s going to take me a while to digest and then work through my notes. Her book is so insightful and relevent that to choose just a few quotes wouldn’t do it justice. Her points in relation to women, and the Palestinians continued  assualt, violence and denial of access to basic needs by the Israeli govenment  (power, food, work, health care, education, free movement, military rule, freedom of movement, destruction of property, appropriation of land) is very thought provoking, as is the reality that the UN, world leaders, war crimes commission, all fail to act in order to stop this cruel and inhume treatment.

I’m now reading Dianne Arbus Portrait of a Photographer by Arthur Lublow, which is enthralling. I’m really enjoying her approach to photography, and her character, which I feel an affinity with.

When I get the opportunities I’ll return to reading your posts. Enjoy your Thursday.